Do You Mind if I Change the Channel?

Hey mom, do you mind if I change the channel?

This question was asked yesterday.  I am working from the dining room table and Mr. T is home due to Spring Break.

I politely answered:

Of course not, go ahead.

When what I really wanted to say was:

Yes I mind!  This is my time.  I’m working here, I know what I like playing in the background, I have my routines and yes I’m glad you are out of your room and we are spending time together, but do you have to mess with my routine?

I’d like to say I get points for not saying that, but the fact that I thought it shows that some days I just suck as a mom!  Fortunately, I’m not going to wallow because I’m willing to bet that every single parent (and some non-parents) have had thoughts similar to that!

I have to constantly force myself out of my comfort zone, I started working on it several years ago, and I’m pleased to say that for the most part, it comes naturally now, but I still have moments when all I want is the world to just leave me alone!

P.S. On an apparently related note, Excedrin Migraine is a wonder drug!

And I think I owe Mr. T an apology!

Headache or brain tumor

P.P.S. Oh, on an unrelated note – Mr. T is the new school mascot!!!  We’ve been working towards this for weeks now and we are totally jazzed!  Yes, I said “we”!  Look forward to being thrilled with tales of the mascot next year!

P.P.P.S. I’ve discovered that choreography is my new calling.  I’m pretty awesome at it.  Granted, I only did 14 seconds of Mr. T’s 90 second routine, I still rocked it!

56 thoughts on “Do You Mind if I Change the Channel?

  1. Brilliant. I love the restraint. Although I think somebody should write a book about all the things mother’s would give their left lung to say, but hold back on for fear of child protective services coming for a visit.
    I’d buy it.
    Heck, I’d write it. But I think it would be best as a collaborative work. Hundreds of thousands of mothers.

  2. I know exactly what you mean!! Spring break drove me nuts this year! Of course, the kids were grounded so I couldn’t take them anywhere, or watch movies or TV with them so it pretty much sucked. Oh, and it snowed.

  3. First of all, Congratulations to Mr. T on being the school mascot! That is very exciting!

    Now, as for you. I think that you are so far from sucking as a mom! You are such a giving mother and give your son so many learning tools and life skills. It does NOT make us (moms / caregivers) suck to have our own routines and schedules. It makes us human. I feel that even if you would have said out loud that he could change the channel although it would break you from your normal ‘work’ routine would have been acceptable and not sucky. Just real, honest, mom human.

    Stay real. Mr. T. is lucky to have such a wonderful Mom!

    • Thank you so very much! The validation that I’m not the only one that doesn’t always adapt right away to schedule changes is such a good thing for me! I’m always going to be a work in progress!
      Of course, I have an office, but I don’t like to be sequestered back there and move out to the living room/dining room frequently!

  4. If I’d gotten around to this earlier I could have saved the second posting…awww, well, I think this is my last time for awards, as much as I appreciate them, they take a lot of time. 🙂
    I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award. If you accept awards, please accept this with my sincerest regards, if not, no worries, just know that your support and blog is appreciated. While delightful, these awards do take a lot of time.

    Thanks. Donna

    • hahahahahaha! Cranston – the other kids wouldn’t have a clue and so that would be perfect! I had to laugh, as T was coming up with his song selection and routine, he had one picked out, but then decided it was too old and the judges would recognize it, and they had said they wanted something new. So, the SNL Chippendales song went out the window!

  5. Andrew says:

    I have the same problem when I’m trying to read a book and I get a million questions asked of me. I usually turn into a crabby apple, and that solves it. You seem way more patient.

  6. I sometimes feel the “leave me alone” strongly too especially I hardly have peace in my family with 3 kids running around and squabbling. I can understand how you feel and I don’t think you suck especially you let Mr T has his way..I think all mums are like this too.

  7. I know those feelings too well as I work from home too. When Jake is home, I can shut the door in my office or most days, I just give up and hang out with him.

    And how cool for Mr T to be the first mascot! I’m with the others about the video … but we want to see his 90 second audition with commentary about which part he learned from you 🙂

    • Jazz hands! The jazz hands were all me! I’ll eventually get a video of it!
      Yes, I try and work for a bit and then take a break with him and then work some more… Summer time I’m better with locking myself in the office, spring break is just a bit harder!

      • I know what you mean, we just started spring break yesterday and I didn’t even try to work. I took a day off so we didn’t have to deal with that stuff.

  8. When I have thoughts like that, it makes me think of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus equates anger with your brother to murder. Striving to be humble and selfless can be really tough sometimes.

    P.S. I’m not equating your thought with murder, but rather that, as you pointed out, our good deeds aren’t that great when done begrudgingly. Though, it is probably better to do it begrudgingly than not at all!!!

  9. I always mind when they want to change the channel! Lol! But, I let them change it anyway. I may need to buy some Excedrin Migraine. It may help with episodes on Cartoon Network! 😉

  10. aww, exciting times for Mr T. Can we have a little bit of the routine shown here on the blog…?

    Btw, even when you parent with your partner you get forced out of your comfort zone too often. The only difference is, the partner usually calls you out even though you try not to show what you think…

    As for migraine: I just had 3 days of migraine (but working and super expensive meds for it, so it’s not a big deal). I don’t know about you but one of the worst triggers for my migraine is red wine, so I don’t really touch it normally. But when the migraine just persists anyway, and I keep eating medicine to keep on going, I figured I might as well enjoy a nice glass of red wine as it wouldn’t make a difference. It didn’t make it worse nor better, so it was the first time in my life I enjoyed a migraine ;)! And the next day the migraine was gone! Can we draw a conclusion from this tiem to the next time it hits me?! (Pretty please?)

  11. congrats to Mr T! Im sure you are a fabulous mother and choreographer, amongst many other things. I too am feeling like a pathetic mother these days, though I have yet to apologize! You are a step ahead.:)

  12. Oh bless you! You are one of my idolized Moms, so it was so wonderful to read your words. I mean that in a good way. You and Mr. T seem so connected. I guess I always imagine other people’s households running with no strife. thank you for helping me not feel so territorial about my living space and routines. I guess it happens to all of us. And, finally, YEAH!! on the mascot opportunity. (No wonder you had not posted for a bit. I am sure that 14 seconds was a killer to produce 😉 )

    • Oh, our life is plenty rocky… And I can (finally) admit that I don’t adjust to change very easily and need my space – school breaks always take me a few days to adapt to! 🙂

      And I realized today that I hadn’t posted in awhile, we have been busy but also, it is hard to type when my pointer finger is out of commission! My mom told me today she would take the stitches out whenever I was ready! 🙂

  13. A. I love that you like the P.s.’s and the P.p.s.’s and the..well, you get the point!

    B. Thinking those thoughts do NOT make you a sucky mom, even SOME days…it makes you human! [Besides, if that makes YOU a sucky mom, what the HECK kind of mom am I with my “Monster Teen” and “Hope she makes it to 16” comments?!?!?!]

    C. Wait! Don’t answer the questions in the brackets…I’m not sure I want the answer!!

    D. I’m done, but I like things in even numbers (or in this case, letters) so I needed a D. I guess my “D” is that I am glad I am not the only mom to have those thoughts!! 🙂

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