Taking Selfies before Selfies were Cool!

Okay, in a blatant disregard for my son’s privacy, I have to share these with you.

But first, the back story.

When we moved 4 or 5 years ago, I found several disposable cameras and a roll of film.  Back in the day, disposable camera’s were the way to go and Mr. T got one each time he went camping, or for field day at school – for tons of reasons.  Anyway, I just tossed these next to the photo albums for Future Kate to deal with.

Apparently Future Kate just became Today Kate.  Earlier this week I took them in and had photo CD’s made which I transferred to my computer so I could just make a photo book and be done with it.

Here is what I found on several rolls:


These are all when he was in elementary school – but don’t ask me to tell you what grade or age.  I’m so not that parent! But, I have to give Mr. T kudos – taking a selfie was a lot harder when you couldn’t see what you were actually taking a picture of!

Yes, this is my life!

Happy Friday everyone!

36 thoughts on “Taking Selfies before Selfies were Cool!

  1. Saving My Belly Button Ring says:

    My favorite line….Okay, in a blatant disregard for my son’s privacy. hahaha Does he read your blog? hahaha And Mr. T’s selfies before selfies were cool are WAY COOL! I am gonna have to try those poses the next time I give it a go! Thanks for the smile. 🙂

  2. *StrongNewMe* says:

    Pretty impressive selfies for a disposable camera! Ha ha. I used to let those cameras sit around so long, that by the time I had them developed, even I was surprised by what was on it.

  3. I love when “Future Kim” becomes “Today Kim”. When I am procrastinating, I am going to make it more official and label the activity in my mind as “This is for Future Kim” . I do love to delegate 🙂 thanks for the memories about how great we used to think disposable cameras were . ( I have to say – his selfies were really good. )

  4. Those were awesome! Hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago that selfies didn’t exist. I remember when I worked at Domino’s Pizza and we had a Polaroid camera. I took a picture of me and 2 of my co-workers. Of course, I got all of my face and most of my friend’s face and then about half of the other person’s face. It’s a great memory though. And that ONE time that I guessed right! 🙂

  5. Oh those selfies are the cutest! If only all selfies were as cute as these photos and then just maybe, it won’t be so bad at all 🙂 Btw, I’m sure your son will forgive you, considering you guys are so close!

    • He is pretty much a rocking kid! I died laughing when I saw them, because now a days he is known to take tons of selfies on others phones. The youth leader told me when they got back from camp last year he found 30 selfies of Mr. T on his phone. Mr. T goes ‘You’re welcome. I knew you’d like that present!” and then he busts out laughing!

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