Picnic in the Forest

In addition to Mr. T taking sophomore English in his high school class, he is also taking the first half of junior English on-line via a large university.  I’m really impressed with his drive for his education, and I’ve said extra prayers for him with everything on his plate, but sometimes, even the extra work is fun.

Tonight he came in and asked if I would help him write a poem for his on-line class – and he did such a good job, I have to share!


I crawled all day through thick brush and thorny vines

To see her eyes that are so divine

I evaded predators big and small

Fast and short, round and tall

With me I carried my parcel and a sack

Full of dishes and utensils and a tasty snack

After a long days journey to see my sweet

I pulled out a blanket and set up a feast

Once the dishes were placed and the last candle was lit

I crossed my six legs as I prepared to sit

Then I looked up, saw her crawling towards me

And I had to shout “Oh, no! Lookout! The branch is falling from the tree!”

Crisis averted she gave me a hug

My one and only, my little lady bug.


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the days brighter.  After he finished his assignment, he came back to the living room and we talked.  Not about anything special, the book I’m currently reading, his extra-curricular activities and such, but it is so nice that even after all this time, and through the teenage years, my son still wants my help and likes to sit and talk to me.  🙂


50 thoughts on “Picnic in the Forest

  1. What a difference being a teenager and a 10 year old boy. Jake would have written about crushing the bug and then it would have made a farting sound. Love those special moments, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Mr T is such a darling! Like many readers here, I admire your bond with your son. That is so reassuring as a mum that she has done a great job raising kids! His poem is lovely. I hope he continues his drive and passion for education.

  3. It’s obvious you guys have a close-relationship. Little T and I are close too, I do hope though that we retain the closeness, the kind you and Mr. T have.

  4. I love this. I know how much I enjoy collaborating with my daughter. We have several different things going between us, and we’re half way around the world from each other. That mother/child bond is amazing! So glad you have it in your life!

    • Thank you so much! I thought that he did a great job, too! 🙂 I guided and had some input, but it was so much fun to work on it together. I’m trying to make and effort to be present when he is around, because I just don’t want to ever take these times for granted!

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Your kid and mine sound alike (except mine has horrible grades). Love the mother-son bond!

    (and I love your hair color!)

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