Day 5 of Quarantine


Day 1

Work is slow.  Time to run errands.  Get all the stuff we need to make it through the rest of the week and pick up the food to take to the NYE party.  Get my last Starbucks of the year.  Oh, what a moment!

A few hours later:


I’m dying.  Dad says that I’m not really dying.  He did take pity on me and bring me meds and orange juice.  I told him “I didn’t hear my garage door open” as he walks in the house.  His response was “That’s because it was open, and so was your trunk.  Do you want these groceries inside?”

Yes, I had unloaded most of the groceries; however, I didn’t get them all and left the trunk and garage door open… for 7 hours.

Day 2


It’s NYE.  It’s a work holiday and of course, I’m sick.  Can’t even blow a sick day and take the day off work.  Mr. T, upon finding out that we aren’t going to our annual party asked if he could go with his youth group.  Fine, whatever.  $20? Really? The fever must have gotten to my brain.  So, off we went to the bank.

Now I am burrowed on the couch under a couple of blankets.  I’m taking half a dozen different kinds of meds to combat the symptoms.  After a certain point it’s just like mixing a cocktail and I’m combining everything on the counter just for some relief.

It’s 9:00 pm and Mr. T is gone and I’m home alone.  On New Year’s Eve.

I’m going to bed.

Day 3

Happy Freakin’ New Year to me.  Cough, Cough, Cough.  Oh look – there’s a lung.  It might have come out of me.  I was a good parent though and got the ham going in a crock pot, sat the black eyed peas aside and decided to get out the other crock pot for a cherry cobbler.  I made a cup of hot apple cider and mixed together my morning cocktail of meds.

Mr. T eventually got up after his night out bringing in the new year.  “Uh mom, I don’t feel good”


Well of course you don’t! Please, come have a mixture of medicine. Great, now I can’t be sick because my son is and I have to take care of him.  Bleh.

Yes, I know, not the loving mother response.  Bite me.

I fed us.  We dined liked kings.  Except we barely ate.  It’s hard to eat when you can’t breathe.  A few hours later I realized that we don’t have enough meds to last with both of us sick.  Apparently it’s bad luck to go shopping on New Year’s day.  Whatever.  At this point Mr. T has on thermal underwear under his shorts and t-shirt and has stolen my blankets.  So, I peal off my pajamas and put on real clothes, run a brush through my hair and head off to get us some soup and more medicine.

Our house is officially under quarantine.

Day 4

Mr. T now has laryngitis.  But, we both made our cocktails of medicine.  My boss called me today  – as it’s a work day and while I don’t feel well, I’m not wasting a sick day! I said “hello” in as normal a voice as possible and he freaked! “What happened? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”  I wished I had a great story to tell him instead of just the “I’m sick” response I had to give.

Made T and I a bowl of fruit for breakfast.  We’ve snacked on and off most of the day.  His voice did eventually come back.  I think he was really disappointed when it did.


I grabbed the can of Lysol and walked through the house and sprayed every surface I could find.  There was a fine mist hanging in the air for hours.  It was kinda pretty.  Or I took too many meds.

Day 5

It’s Friday.  I better be better by this evening.  I don’t want my weekend ruined! I hear a sneeze from Mr. T’s room.  His throat still hurts and he has so much drainage I can hear him breathing from across the house.  It’s really gross.  He’s gotten up and showered every day (which is our rule), but put on the same germ riddled clothing.  I told him today to put on fresh clothes.  I really, really hope that he’s been putting on fresh underwear after each shower.  I hadn’t considered that until now.  I really, really don’t want to consider that.

Great, now that’s all I’m thinking about.

I’d kill for a Starbucks right about now.

40 thoughts on “Day 5 of Quarantine

    • Oh my goodness! It’s absolutely amazing to make cherry cobbler in the crockpot! Dump a can of cherry pie filing in the bottom. Mix together a stick of melted butter, 1 tbsp vanilla and a box of yellow cake mix. You can also add chopped walnuts if you want. Then you just crumble that on top. 4 hrs low, 2-3 hrs high. You could do 2 cans of cherry and have a better ratio, but I love the crust it makes!

  1. Hope you two are feeling better. That underwear thing killed me — I know that one well. I swear if I don’t say put on clean underwear, he won’t. I just don’t get boys.

  2. Oooh no, I hope that everyone gets to feeling better soon! I can’t imagine having to take care of someone else while I was also sick… I don’t see that working out too well, I get SUPER pathetic. At least the only way for this year to go now is up!

  3. Oooooooohhhhhh noooooooo. As awful as that sounds it was bloody hilarious to read! So sorry to hear the New Year didn’t start well. Look at it this way….things can only get better!

    PS I’ve started a second secret blog that my fam and friends can’t read as I have some pretty crazy things to blog about. You however, being in blogiverse, are free to read to your heart’s content. It’s at

    • I agree, things will only get better now that I’m getting the sick out of the way. I spent several days writing it, documenting my experience and it was cracking me up, so I’m really glad you enjoyed it!
      Followed the other blog – can’t wait! 🙂 Thanks for including me!

      • Everyone is welcome. 🙂 No secret from any of our bloggy friends but I wanted to let the regulars know. You guys have always been there for me listening to my stories and this is a pretty major story about my life. I need you all there really to talk to about it. 🙂

  4. I really did laugh out loud…not just sayin lol 🙂 I love the pretty Lysol mist. ha! While that all sounds so awful, it sure does read funny and I can say that I guess because now you’re feeling better? xoxo Much love to you…hope you can go out and re-create a NYE celebration!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! The best part was, you know I didn’t have to embellish the story line! You know that I had to run out and get my own soup! The Lysol mist would have worried me had I not been so doped up! I was like “I wonder if I went overboard”. Then I coughed and decided that there wasn’t such a thing with both of us sick!
      Mr. T did announce that he felt so much better today, so that is really good! (I also think he’s angling to get out of the house!)

  5. Get better soon! So many funny moments in this post- from leaving the garage door open with groceries and your son showering but putting on the same clothes. can so relate- my stepson does that ALL the time.

  6. What a funny story. I am sorry you are sick, though; that’s not funny at all. Hope you and T get better soon!! I’d send you some Starbucks if I could! Good call on Lysol-ing your entire house! 🙂

  7. Wow that sucks and on New Years Eve! So sorry to hear that the bugs got you. I felt the same way Christmas Day, just crappy, coughing and achy, it was a good thing though that I was the last one to catch it so the husband and the kids were on the mend and were feeling better on Christmas Day. Get well soon!

  8. You guys better get well soon, I’m wishing well wishes from here. Not the most ideal way to kick of the new year but at least you will have the sickness done and over with at the start of 2014….being optimistic you know. You had me laughing in your post. I love your sense of humor. Be well, be well. Weekend approaching.

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