#icemageddon 2013

Here is how we deal with ice in Texas.


  • So looks like the main hashtags for the upcoming DFW ice storm will be #DFWwx (wx means weather) and #icemageddon! Stay tuned!
  • Power outages, school closures, DART shutdown & oh yeah, #IceZombies. #Icemageddon
  • Bottoms up: Join us for an #icemageddon 2013 drinking game
  • “If you hear talk about canceled marathon, take 2 sips. Do 2 pushups.” #icemageddon drinking game
  • #ICEMAGEDDON – Hour 11: Morale is low. Have ceded parenting duties of 4yo to Apple Products. Forced to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. B+.


  • What an unusual icicle! Icemageddon 2013
  • Gonna be a great day… iced in with my favorite little man. Movies, fire and baking 
  • We keeping hearing large booms…it’s our trees coming down from the weight of the ice. We’ve lost half of the huge back yard tree and just lost a huge branch out front, hit the front door. Ice shattered everywhere. CRAZY!
  • Brrrrrrr…
  • Burrrr!

icemageddon weather 2 weather 1

And there was me and Mr. T.

“It’s not far to 7-11” I said.  “It’ll be fun” I said.  So we walked about 2 miles round trip – but we got hot chocolate to warm us up for the return trip!

weather 4If you need me, I’ll be defrosting my eyeballs.

20 thoughts on “#icemageddon 2013

  1. *StrongNewMe* says:

    I still laugh at the born-and-raised Floridians who haul out coats, sweaters, scarves, and gloves as soon as it drops below 70 around here. I am getting very irate at this 80 degree weather! It’s December. I want some cold, NOW!

  2. Yeah girl! That is right up my alley! Walking 2 miles for hot chocolate, I love it. My friend Shleis and I once walked about a mile in a blizzard to get a big box of booze from the liquor store– it was a matter of life and death.

    And I love the grocery store meme. It’s sooooo true.

    • LOL – I had to get in some exercise, and we had to get out of the house… and sadly, the grocery store meme is pretty accurate right now! A friend went to Wal-Mart and took pictures, we are out of bread, milk, chips and meat! (The delivery trucks can’t get to us b/c of the weather, but it’s still funny!)

      • I guess people do have a point about stocking up before the delivery trucks get stranded, but it’s so hilarious how it activates everyone’s inner survivalist… it’s snowing, I need to go buy some livestock!

  3. We talked about you last night at our writer’s meeting. You should totally come up here and hang out with us. But I dunno, Icemageddon is looking kinda of fun…at least the way you seem to be celebrating it!

    • Well, I hope that you guys said mostly good things about me! 🙂 You guys get bad weather frequently! I get Icemageddon about every 2-5 years… I think I’ll stay here! I will admit that I’m hoping we get above freezing today and maybe I can get out of my driveway and go get a snow shovel!

  4. I didn’t know it could get that cold in Texas! The one thing I love about cold days (for a little while) is the fresh air, I’m happy to go out for the oxygen. Looks like you are just as crazy as me 😉 how’s the traffic, lot’s of accidents? Hopefully not too many injuries.

    • Traffic is horrible… they’ve closed half of our freeways! The sand trucks just can’t stay ahead of it – and looking out it looks like we are covered in a blanket of beautiful snow – but when you step on it, you realize pretty quick, it’s all ice. There are about 5-6 inches of ice all over the place ;( Short of walking a few miles, we are home bound for a few more days!

  5. It SELDOM snows down here in Cornwall where we live. I’m not sure if this is the only part in England where it doesn’t snow, that means Little T hasn’t seen it yet. We plan to drive up to the next county if it snows just for her to experience real snow 🙂

  6. My parents live in Oklahoma, and my mom called me today saying she wasn’t going to work today because of the 5-inch snow. I live in Utah, so things like that blow my mind! We get, like 5 inches in a hour sometimes! But we are used to it, and our state is equipped for it! We never get the huge ice storms that hit you guys in the south though, those things are so scary! Glad you and Mr. T are taking advantage of it and staying cheery!

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