12 Months of Toy Terror or Mommy’s Recipe for Good Behavior All Year Long!

Okay, I’m not a fan of the Elf – he totally creeps me out – but then I ran across Emily’s post and all but fell out of my chair laughing! If you use scary Elf, here are some ideas for the rest of the year! Please, go read this post – I haven’t let you down yet!


Written by Emily

Our resident elf, Popcorn, is back. I was wary of the tradition, but my children love this tiny imp and think nothing of the fact that she’s the ultimate snitch. I’ll admit it: for 11 months I longed to say things like, “Remember, Popcorn is taking notes” or “I will ask Popcorn to call Santa in T minus 10 seconds if the fighting doesn’t stop.” Desperate times call for desperate measures. I actually missed that precious little tattletale, Mommy’s Little Helper, I mean Popcorn.


Just a few weeks ago, I read about some parents who made their children’s dinosaurs spring to life at night and wreak havoc all over the house in the name of good old fashion fun–if good old fashion fun means writing all over the walls and cracking eggs on the floor like those wily dinos did.

I don’t begrudge those folks for…

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