Will Halloween Ever Get Here?

Halloween time

Seriously!  I’m ready! Well, after today I am ready!  My Amy came and spent most of the weekend with me, which means that I didn’t get everything on my to-do list done; however, the flip side of that is that the house will always need to be cleaned, but it’s fun having one of my best friends her and forcing here to go shopping and do craft projects with me – neither of which is in her top 10 list of favorite things to do!

We did get some shopping done and we had plenty of time to hang out and then it was time to get some crafts done.  I had texted her on Friday that she had to help, but that it wouldn’t be as bad as she expected – and it wasn’t!

Let’s start with the bouquet of flowers I’m working on.


Oh yeah – spooky eyeball flowers!  These are $0.97 flowers from Wal-Mart with plastic novelty eyeballs hot glued into the center.  They turned out so well that when I was at Target I picked up three more flowers and glued the eye balls in… and I have enough eyeballs left to pick up another three flowers!  The eye balls were left over from previous years where I used them a decorations, so that didn’t cost me anything- all I’m spending money on is the flowers themselves.  Cheap!  Cute!  My kinda craft!  The orange vase is on loan from my grandmother who, when she heard what I was doing told me she had the perfect vase, and she sure did!  It is going to look great on my table!

My next project came from a pin on Pinterest that lead me to The Designer Co-op.  You can read her post about the zombie birthday party she threw for her husband here. I showed you the project inspiration not that long ago but I am so jazzed at how it turned out for me!

Zombie 2

Zombies!!!  This one was more fun than I expected!  Please ignore the tape and hot glue gun still in the shot, but I was too excited once we were done to clean up before I started taking pictures!  I bought Mr. T a print from the store the other day and low and behold, the cardboard piece was the PERFECT size for my fireplace opening!  My grandmother came to my rescue again and provided several large pieces of cardboard for me.  My Amy and I sat down and traced our hands in fun shapes and then used an Exacto knife to cut them out.  I then cut two long pieces about 5″ wide to use as the “boards”.  Then we took everything outside and she spray painted the back board and hands black while I painted the cardboard boards brown and then drew on some nails, knot holes and grain with a sharpie marker.  Once everything was dry we brought everything back inside and did a dry fit of the hands, then put the back board and hands down and taped the hands in place.  Then she made tape circles and I used those to adhere the back board and hands to my fireplace.  Since the tape worked out so well, I had her make more circles (we were using thick packing tape) and attached the boards.  Now it looks like my fireplace has been boarded up to prevent the zombies from getting through!  I just love it!


On this up close shot you can see that the hands are coming out from behind the back board.  The Designer Co-op didn’t use a back board, but instead just had the black hands coming out; however, I have a beautiful candelabra currently inside my fireplace, and I didn’t want to have to remove that and store it somewhere, so the back board was just to block the view.  On another note – I love my bones in the firewood holder!

If you get the chance, I highly recommend both of these crafts – we had a blast putting them together and both were done in under an hour, from start to finish.

Is Halloween ever going to get here?

21 thoughts on “Will Halloween Ever Get Here?

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    We have started to make costumes for the girls here, good fun..They think Halloween is every morning they wake up 😀

  2. Looks great! Smart to reuse stuff you already had for your props! It can get expensive. I remember when I was in the Air Force, my group/section/whatever decorated a tent (for our section of the haunted house) and we kicked butt. We had all sorts of cool props and costumes and it was a lot of fun scaring the heck out of people. We spent so much time on our project that our section won the contest for scariest part of the entire haunted house. I’d LOVE to be a part of a big haunted house again someday. So fun!

  3. Oh wow, wish I were as crafty as you guys! I’m still debating on whether to attempt to make a costume for my 3-year-old or just buy her one! I’m really bad at craft-making, the “will” is there, but I’m afraid the talent isn’t =(

    • At that age the costumes are cute and not as expensive, and I still like to buy pieces. Mr. T is a clown this year and he will wear his clothes but we bought suspenders, bow tie, hat and funny socks to supplement! 🙂

      I do have lots of “will” but not near the time or experience! I fake my way through it!

    • I did! My parents (I think mainly my mom) instilled a love of all of the holidays in us. We had bunny tracks leading to our Easter Basket, we always get a cake on our BD and she always decorated the outside for Halloween – she even found an old prop coffin that we used to get out and set up by the front door each year! They were also great about helping us make our own costumes. When I was older I got to dress up and scare the little kids that came to the door!

    • It was cool! I’ve been trying for weeks to get those crafts completed, and knew that it was now or never! I think they turned out really well – considering it is cardboard and $1 flowers! 🙂

      Of course, now I’m out of black spray paint… 🙂

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