A Million Thanks!

Okay, I have so much going on – and not near enough time for all of it.

Work has exploded, which is good, as it pays my bills.  Personal life is still as small as ever, but super busy.

I have a friend coming to spend a couple of weeks with me next week, and I’m not prepared. At all.

I have a friend coming over Friday night… I’m not even prepared for that!

Mr. T wants to graduate a year early.  I’m so not ready for that, and in fact and am in denial.  Especially about the money I have to find to support the extra classes he has to take off campus in order to accomplish this!


Let me go water my money tree in the back yard :/

The holidays are almost here – are you kidding me? 11 Saturdays until Christmas.  11.  You heard me.  11.

I crossed something my Bucket List today – but it’s too fun not to devote an entire blog to it, so you have to wait for that, I want to be able to do it justice!

Oh! And I won a contest and got a free book!

But… as I’ve been working on my Random Acts of Kindness, I ran across this blog today from my pal at Being a Lady is Overrated.  Now, normally I’d just reblog it from her site, but I had other stuff to tell you about, too – so um, Lady, forgive me, but I’m doing a copy/paste because I’m super excited about it!

I plan to take cards to my family Thanksgiving dinner and invite my entire family to participate (I won’t force them too, but you can bet I will tell you who doesn’t!!!) 🙂  Hi mom!  I wouldn’t really do that.  Okay, I would.  Who am I kidding?

Go visit and give a follow to Being a Lady is Overrated and then join me and Lady and Pickles (I have to catch up on my nicknames – that could be her wonderful son or another friend… I can’t keep it all straight right now!) and send a Thank You to our military troops!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

In light of the current state of my life, I’m finding myself in need of distractions. So I’ve been thinking of productive or good things to spend my time on instead of wasting it watching TV or something.

Well I’ve found it!! Pickle and I are beginning a letter writing campaign. We will be writing letters and making cards for all the brave men and women who are serving in our military.

I found this organization where you can send them generic letters and cards. Then they distribute them to our military members severing at home, abroad, retired and injured.


Feeling motivated and happy today! Can’t wait to get started.

I can’t wait either Lady, and thank you so much for sharing your journey and doing positive things to help you get through.  Great inspiration!  And yes, I’ll send back the next couple of Supernatural seasons with my Amy this weekend.  This part wasn’t necessary, but I can’t go a day without mentioning it!

Speaking of!! Today’s Daily Prompt is all about Addiction… and you know I want to write a post about Supernatural… can I write the post even if it’s after the prompt has passed?  Ack!  I need more time in the day!!

16 thoughts on “A Million Thanks!

  1. Your busyness rubbed off on me! The only thing I can’t master is to slow down. Now it reminds me to write a post on that one. All mothers should have 48 hrs a day. 24 for completing tasks (or maybe just starting tasks, they don’t seem to have an end) and 24 for sleeping.

    • I agree!!! And, because I want to make sure and spend “quality” time with my son I make sure that several hours a day are devoted to him – which gives me an hour or so of down time, and I try to appreciate that, and then just work extra hard the next morning! 🙂

    • Lol! That’s funny because it’s true! June is the magic month.

      It’s not that I’m counting down, it’s that I am running out of time!! I need more time. I need to be able to be slow and enjoy the moments! Hurry up and let me enjoy!!


      • No! Nothing but my morning cup o’ joe! But seriously, there is so much to do and there isn’t enough to get it all done – plus my son has decided to be an over achiever – at least he will drop the AP and Pre-AP and go back to regular classes so that he can handle the extra work load. But, we have to take on-line classes from Texas Tech in order to get the extra credits, plus a summer school class.
        And, I have to get him a car… A car.
        And I have to get presents made. And my mom is having more knee surgery the week before Thanksgiving. And we have company for Thanksgiving this year.
        Maybe I should drink more coffee – that might help!

  2. I love this idea! I actually get to spend Thanksgiving with my whole family this year, including my brother who is in the Army! He spent last Thanksgiving and Christmas in Afghanistan, so it is good to have him home 🙂

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