Thank Goodness I Don’t Have To Be Exact

I am addicted to my freezer cooking.  This weekend I bought a bulk package of boneless pork chops that were on sale and then I read Ortsofsorts blog: Carolina Pulled Pork recipe.  As I was thinking about dinner yesterday, I thought  “I can do that!”.

So at lunch time I pulled out my crock pot and a big ziplock bag.  I proceeded to make up one for dinner and one to freeze for later.  I was salting and peppering and dug out my paprika.  Added extra brown sugar and cheated on the vinegar.  And then I pulled the ketchup out of the fridge.

It was like a nightmare.  I was all but out of ketchup!! I don’t run out of ketchup.  I pulled out my little stool and peered at the top of the pantry and found my back up mayo, my back up mustard, relish, BBQ sauce, honey, creamer, any condiment you can come up with I have it – except my ketchup!!!!

Now I was in a conundrum.  I’d already added the brown sugar and vinegar.  What to do. What to do.


I grabbed both meals and took them to the sink and dumped out most of the vinegar, grabbed a bottle of BBQ sauce and dumped half in one meal and half in the other!

Thank goodness I don’t have to be exact when I cook! Instead of making the sauce while the pork chops cooked I’ll just use pre-made sauce and let that reduce down!

Makes me really happy I watch the Food Network!  🙂

I had a couple hours after work before I had to pick up Mr. T, so I went to run a couple of errands, only to get a text from him that rehearsal was cancelled and he was riding the bus home.  Ugh.  My son doesn’t carry his house key.  I’m home 90% of the time and when I’m not, usually we know in advance and he takes his key.  I told him that I had just left and to use our secret entrance.

secret entrance

You don’t have to tunnel to get to the secret entrance, but close – I mean, otherwise, what’s the point of a secret entrance?

I ran only one errand and then swung by the house and picked him up so he could get some drive time in and we ran the other errands, one of which included finding a place that sold coleslaw.  I didn’t want to go into Wal-Mart, or any other store, but Chicken Express came to our rescue!  One quick stop in the drive-thru (and as long as we were there we had to get a couple of sweet teas) and we were on our way back home.

The pork chops had the house smelling great, and I took a fork and tongs and just shredded it in the crock pot and T pulled out some plates.  We both decided that open faced sandwiches would be the way to go, so I open a bun, piled on the pulled pork and topped it with a heaping of coleslaw.


I love when mistakes taste good!  Now I just have to go get some ketchup!!

And – guess what day it is?  It’s Supernatural Tuesday!!  The start of Season 9 is tonight and I’m beyond excited!!

25 thoughts on “Thank Goodness I Don’t Have To Be Exact

  1. I’m a little late to the party, but am laughing so hard at your adventures in food! I can’t believe you were out of ketchup, either! I’m glad it turned out well for you! Still laughing…

    Loved the picture of the secret entrance! That would be a great idea for your Halloween Party!

    • I love pulled pork! I normally make it Texas style and the coleslaw is on the side – but this was really good! It’s super easy to just toss some pork in the crock pot and then either make your own sauce or dump in a 1/2 bottle of BBQ sauce. Let is simmer and then just take a couple of forks and pull the pork apart about 5 min before you want to eat. Then pile it high on a bun! 🙂 Good eatin’ right there!

  2. prayingforoneday says:

    Nearly tea time here..
    What to have,….What to have..
    I have steaks at the bottom of the chest freezer somewhere..
    I hate putting my hand in there though 😦



    Loved the secret

      • prayingforoneday says:

        Yeah had me laughing 😀
        Here in Scotland just now (Just had the dog out in the woods) I just stood for 5 minutes outside and its FREEZING..Putting your hand in a freezer is suicide 😀
        Dawn can do it no problem…Strange thing also, why is it you girls can get into a bath that is almost boiling water?
        Kill spiders, laugh at us men who are scared and don;t think you are dying when ill


      • prayingforoneday says:

        We all shyt it… lol
        Dawn just grabs them WITH HER HAND!

        Bravest person on Earth!!!


    • I was very fortunate that it turned out okay – I was worried for a bit! And thanks – it took me a bit to figure out how to phrase the fact that we have a secret entrance to the house and when I saw that picture, it was perfect for me!

    • It was! Even with my mistakes! Naturally, I prefer Texas BBQ, but it was good to try a different variation on the pulled pork I normally make. And, it was really easy! Of course, I was using the pork chops, but they shredded so easy and the sauce simmered down and made excellent sandwiches – I think that your family would enjoy it!

  3. I have a weird phobia like dislike of ketchup. Don’t ask. I have gotten past it somewhat as I’ve had to clean it up after kids.
    Anyway, good thing you Texans always have BBQ sause.
    Glad it turned out tasty.

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