Cowboys vs Broncos OR How I Lost My Voice

This weekend was one of my best!  It definitely goes in the memory jar!

Saturday Mr. T and I did the yard work and ran some errands and Mr. T goes “I’ve had fun spending the day with you.”  Wow, talk about my heart overflowing!  Later in the evening we spent some time with the rest of the family.  Sunday we got up and my sister and her four kids joined us at church.  Mr. T and I had lunch and then the fun began!!

BA picked me up at 2 and we headed to the stadium for the Cowboy v Bronco game!!

Traffic was horrible!  The game had to be sold out based on the traffic we were wading through, and then when we finally got to our parking area – it was full! They had overbooked.  We managed to make up our own parking space and headed up to the suite.


BA and I waiting for the elevator. Yes, my hair is purple.

I got there just in time to see the Cowboys score!  BA and I got our seats and a few plays later he grabbed us some drinks and I fixed us a plate to share.  The food at the stadium is so much better than you would expect!  I love the macaroni and cheese… it would cost me a fortune to try and make it at home, so I make sure to get my fill when I’m there!


Real view from our seats.


See this head in the ball cap, it becomes important later on! This is your teaser!


Can you see how big that screen is?!? I know that I comment about it every time I write this post, but still! It’s huge!

We were behind in the 2nd quarter, and it was tough.  It was so cool to watch Peyton Manning play, though, not going to lie, I was really excited about this game just so I could see his performance.  And he didn’t disappoint – did you see that Quarterback sneak?!?  No one was expecting that!!

At half time, BA and I did go move his truck to a real spot.  We figured at least one person would leave, and they did!


World Famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders doing their annual half-time “pink” performance in honor of breast cancer awareness month.


Had to get a close up, as requested by Mr. T!

We were into the 3rd quarter and I couldn’t wait anymore.  Remember that baseball capped gentleman from earlier in the blog?  Well, that was Stoney LaRue.

If you live outside Texas, you probably have never heard of him – and well, based on my Facebook comments, there are plenty of people here who haven’t heard of him.  He is one of the best voices in Texas County.  I’ve been in love with his music for years, and it was all I could do not to totally fan girl, but I calmly got up when he got up to refill his plate and drink and told him that I apologize, and don’t want to disrupt him watching the game, but could I please get a pick?  He was so flippin’ awesome!  I had talked to his wife earlier, we bonded over the buffet selections (and by the way, she is gorgeous!) and she was super sweet – but he blew me away.  Such a gentleman!!

Forgive my goofy smile, but really, it was all I could do not to jump up and down and hug all over him!


My throat is a little sore today, and I do have a voice, but it is a bit scratchy! But it was a great game and there is nothing like watching it with others that jump up and down and scream with you!  And I was up and down and yelling and high fiving everyone in the booth… until the very end.  We may have caused Peyton’s very first interception of the year; however, the one that Romo threw just broke my heart.

Sometimes the loss is so much more painful after a great game! Both the Cowboys and the Broncos played a great game, it was so exciting and I am so blessed that I was able to be there to watch it in person – but oh my goodness… my Cowboys are just heart breakers!!

26 thoughts on “Cowboys vs Broncos OR How I Lost My Voice

  1. Wow sounds like you had a great time! And ugh I still have nightmares about parking at Cowboy’s Stadium we were there for the High School Football Championships in December to watch the Katy Tigers and it was terrible….but inside the stadium and that HUGE screen is AWESOME!!! So glad you got to meet him! I am jealous! LOVE him!

  2. Glad you had an awesome time Kate! My brother-in-law and his wife flew to Texas and were at that game too! They also went to see the Rutgers game. My brother-in-law is a big time Cowboys fan. Sorry about the game loss but sounds like you won anyway with all the fun things you did and getting to meet Stoney LaRue 🙂

    • I’m not surprised that the 6 degrees of separation applied to this game – the stadium was just packed full! The loss was heartbreaking; however, meeting Stoney LaRue was completely and totally awesome! Not even going to try and not fan girl over that!!

  3. Shut. Your. Mouth. Holy Crap!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Stoney Larue. “Oklahoma Breakdown” is great…but my favorite song (in the history of music – no. seriously. In the history of all music…) is “Let Me Hold You”. I think the words to that song are absolutely amazing. Followed very closely by “Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” and “One Chord Song”. I love the “Live at Billy Bob’s” album – it is my favorite! I’ve always liked him since I saw his DVD of that performance. There was just something about the passion he was putting into his music that made me fall in love…with his music, I mean. I am so super excited for you that you got to meet him and (oh my!) take a picture with him – and make nice with his wife! Sweetness.

    I am also really bummed the Boys didn’t win. That interception hurt – but there is always next week. I am a die hard Cowboys fan…win or lose.

    And your teenage son said he enjoyed hanging out with you?! Man – I love it when that happens! Mine is usually too glued to the video games or at a friend’s house – but every now and then he wants to hang with mom – cause I’m cool like that. 😉 (Don’t tell him I said that!)

    • Thank you!!! No one else in my life has fully appreciated how jazzed I am that I met him – and got a pic!!!! I love “One Chord Song”, that’s in my top 10!! And yes, “Let me Hold You”… oh my goodness…

      I’m the same way, win or lose, they are my team! I’m a bit too passionate about it – if that is even possible, can you be too passionate?!? I’m thinking not!

  4. Sounds like the best weekend ever!!!! Your teenaged son enjoyed spending time doing yardwork. You got to watch a great football game with a good friend. And meet a fav singer?? You have a blessed life, Miss Kate.

  5. How awesome to go to a fun game and meet someone you admire. I’ve been to a dozen pro golf tournaments all over (3 U.S. Open Championships) so I’ve seen all the big golf stars but it was in 2008 when we were volunteers at the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines when I got to meet Lynn Swann! I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so it was pretty awesome. He was a really nice guy. I didn’t get a cool picture like you, though. 🙂

    • It was a great game… and just a horrible loss. Just painful!! But, the tons of Bronco fans were happy! We stopped a few miles from the stadium for a bathroom break on the way home and the Bronco fans were giving me a hard time! (I was in my jersey, so they knew I was suffering!)

  6. You had a suite? Very cool!
    You don’t even mention that they lost in a heartbreaker. That shows hom much you enjoyed the game experience.
    I am glad you had such an awsome time (and that the Cowboys lost).

    • I couldn’t bring myself to discuss the loss yet… Ugh. I think I saw your Eagle rolled over the Giants, yes?

      And, yeah, the suite is so awesome!! I love having a bathroom right there! And the food! It’s the only way to go to a game! I think that I may have gotten an offer for a second game this year.. Fingers Crossed!

      • I don;t know about rolled. I wish the game gave me more confidence. I think the Giants are just weak now. Hopefully, though the team will be inspired and raise their level of play.
        You are lucky! Can you get a suite in other cities? Hint, hint.

      • Oh man! How cool would that be?!? Lol. This is a work connection, I’ve worked with this company for over 10 years and we’ve always been good to each other but I still feel very fortunate to be able to do this! It was a random comment to a rep over lunch, and he made the phone call and told this company what a football fan I was and they called me. BA and I have gone 3 years or so now and it’s one if the highlights of my year!

      • I know, I know. But, I’m happy for you! I think we are tied for first in the division after that. Or maybe it was that if the giants won we’d be tied with them. Going to the game has me behind! Lol. I’ll figure it out!

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