I Am A Magnet

Okay, so, here is a rule of thumb.  Never give someone a gift you’ve already given them.

This is not as easy as it sounds.  Most people give so many gifts that they can’t remember what they’ve given and to whom they gave it! (I will make a confession: I have a spread sheet.  I only use it for Christmas , but I put down what I give everyone so that I have a record.  I don’t keep a record of BD gifts, but I may have to start!) (Okay, another confession:  I don’t exchange a lot of gifts with my friends.  I am up front and let them know that I’d much rather spend time with them than get trapped in the non-optional social convention.)

Moving on.  I must be a magnet for duplicate gifts.

This happened recently.  I was asked about ideas for my BD, and I told them “I need this cheap box from Hobby Lobby” and instead, I got a beautiful, glossy wooden box, with a hinged lid and a key with a tassel.  Just like the one that has been sitting on my dresser for years and is 2/3 full of items it totally wasn’t meant for!  I toss ticket stubs in it – so if you ever want to make a list of every movie I have ever seen – just go through that box.  I honestly don’t know why I keep them; but, I do!

One time doesn’t mean I’m a magnet, right?

So, not that long ago, I got a great Christmas gift – it was something I really wanted! I was very profuse in my Thanks and even months afterwards I called and told them how wonderful it was.  A few months after that – I got the same gift for my birthday.

It must have been on sale.

I have several more examples, okay, I have more than several; however, I think that I’ve proven my point!

Some times I speak up, but it’s just easier not to.  I just feign surprise and give them thanks – and the thanks are heartfelt, as I appreciate them thinking of me, I do!

Then I put the gift in my gift closet to pass along to someone who doesn’t already have it!  Unless, it’s really good, then this works out well for my sister – as at the first opportunity I pull her aside and go “uh, they’ve already given me this, do you want it?”

My sister has gone home with some great items over the years!

As for me – it really just cracks me and my friends up.  I’d like to attract things other than duplicate gifts though – so I’m opening myself up to being a magnet for $100 bills.  I think those things should just start randomly finding me.  I’m walking down the street and BOOM, there’s a hundred dollars.  I could totally handle that!

money magnet

37 thoughts on “I Am A Magnet

  1. Lol! Such a funny story! But if you do find that street where your just walking down it and BOOK $100 dollar bill, let me know and I will drive up and we will walk down that street as long as it takes for us to retire 🙂

    • That’s so very true!! I’ll have to consider that! And, now that you brought my mind that direction, when I re-gift them, I am saving tons of money! 🙂 So, I’m really not complaining, I appreciate them thinking of me, and now I see that I’m saving money!

  2. Cranston Holden says:

    One year I asked for a model car and ended up getting 12!!!!!!! One from everyone. (I guess they fit in EVERYONES budget)

  3. *FatToFitBy40* says:

    I keep a spreadsheet for Christmas shopping too! Gary and the kids have birthdays from October through December (2 in December), so keeping track of what I bought for birthdays vs. Christmas gets confusing. I also start shopping really early, so I need to keep track of what I have already for each person. I even make a list of what to put in each person’s Christmas stocking, just to be sure I don’t forget anything!

  4. are you being re-gifted by the same people? or do your friends just think alike? that’s pretty funny. I also keep a spreadsheet for Christmas, so you’re not alone there in your confession 🙂

  5. I agree, the re-occurring hundred dollar bill thing would be an agreeable nuisance. That’s funny.

    On another note, and what a lovely, well-put-together blog you have over here. Tight and professional looking, and well-written to boot. Not to be cliche’, but I surely like what you have done with the place!



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