What Happens When I’m Sick

I had a great day yesterday!  I’ll fill you in later; however, we got home about 6 or so, and by 7 pm…


I was sick.  It was awful.

This morning I feel better and my fever is finally gone, but I’m not well, yet.  On top of not being fully well, I have all of the after affects of yesterdays episodes.

By 8 am it was clear that we were skipping church today.

I made a cup of coffee, got my Gatorade and made myself comfy on the couch.  Football doesn’t start until 11 am, so I have time to kill and channels to surf.

After an hour, let me tell you –


I think this should be my backyard – I think that I have the skills and talents to do this myself.


I think this should be my kitchen.  I fully believe that I can do this all on my own.  No joke, this kitchen episode is the one I just watched!! I want those counter tops!


Now, if only that bathtub poured out money instead of water… I’d be all set.

17 thoughts on “What Happens When I’m Sick

  1. *FatToFitBy40* says:

    I like how your first comment after realizing you were too sick to go out was to kill time before football came on! 🙂 My Steelers broke my heart again yesterday. How did your team do?

  2. Get better soon! I can’t do much around the house, I am not really handy and whenever I try, I create more work for the professional we will need to hire to fix my well intended attempt at fixing something so I now just save $ and hire people… I wish I was more the DIY kinda girl but it’s not in my DNA at all.

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