I Love Halloween

The look of my blog is a bit different – I can’t help it, I am so ready for Halloween.  The other day we spilled something on the tablecloth, and I took it off to wash – and I was so very tempted to go ahead and put up the Halloween tablescape! I haven’t yet, but I also haven’t ruled it out!

Every year I decorate for Halloween – and I mean decorate! I have actually paired down the decorations, but it’s still pretty darn awesome when you walk into my house!  I have a spooky monster that greats you in the living room.


Here he is posing with Joshua last year.  Yes, that is a witches cauldron bubbling in the background.  And if you look closely, an apparition has appeared in the mirror.

Mr. T and I live with the decorations all month long – and yes, there are times that spooky monster, or, as I like to call him, George, will scare us when we walk in the room and forget he is there!

I have a graveyard that I set up in front of the fire place, an old man hanging in a cage in the corner and T’s bathroom was apparently the site of a grizzly murder as there is blood spatter and bloody hand prints all over the place!


I think I could do this! It would look great as a backdrop to my graveyard!

The highlight of the season is the fact that I’m blessed to be able to throw the annual Halloween party for all my friends!  The day before I take off work and crank up the oven!  I like to make treats and eats!  I always have some type of main course and half a dozen sides, and all my friends bring something to toss on the table to share.


We have brains – in both red and blue – a bucket of poison and even some veggies for the non-zombies in the group!

Most importantly, we get to dress up!! I love costumes, always have! Every year, going way back to my teenage years, I’ve dressed up to hand out candy, so I get super excited when it’s time to pick a costume for Halloween!  I don’t mind spending time or money on them, as I reuse them over and over again – and having said that, I think that this year I have to buy a new tub to hold the costumes… or go hang them up in the spare room closet!

I love that I have friends who get into the spirit of things – they aren’t fuddy-duddy’s who won’t play along – they enjoy participating and it makes the night and the memories even more special!  (yes, there are a few that don’t play along and show up wearing a shirt that says “this is my costume”, but that’s okay – they just don’t get to take a whack at the pinata!)


Queen of Atlantis and Pippy Longstocking (2011)


Pinata Time! (PS, I put down a big patch of astro turf on the grass under the pinata, that way, once it is busted open, it is easier to gather the goodies and nothing gets lot that Shorty could choke on or get sick eating) (2011)


Even Shorty gets in the spirit! (2011)


George, Gypsy, nun and do you remember those Barbie heads? You could brush the hair and put make up on them? That had to be the most inspired costume of the bunch – there was even make up on her tray! (2012)

So, tell me – don’t you just love Halloween?

34 thoughts on “I Love Halloween

  1. When the kids were little I’d throw Hallowe’en parties for them and their friends. It was so much fun!! I have a couple buckets of decorations. One year I had a dozen jack-o-lanterns. Hello, my name is Holly and I have a festival fetish. 🙂

  2. I totally remember the Barbie heads, loved doing her hair!!! So I used to be one of those fuddy duddies but in the last few years it’s come to be one of my favorite holidays. This year I’m going to really allow myself to get in the spirit and decorate more. Now I’m just trying to decide what our family can dress up as!! That includes our bulldog Biggie haha

    • LOL – I have a pumpkin costume but my dog gives me the evil eye every time I pull it out – we’ve come to a mutual agreement that the t-shirt is enough of a costume for him!

      I love costumes! There is such freedom in them!! You’ll have to come back and let me know what you end up picking out!!

  3. Yeah! A fellow Halloween lover! Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday! I just started getting costumes ready the other day! I’m going to wait another week to start decorating though (after Cesar’s birthday)! I love that Mr. T’s bathroom gets splattered with blood! Awesome!

    • Rock on! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And, it is fun. I think that last year I even got my mom to dress up! Of course, she dressed up as ME… She came in shorts, a tie-dye t-shirt and had bought a fake ponytail and attached it to her hair. I do have a picture from the party and from the back, sure enough, it looked like me!

  4. Oh My Goodness! I love Halloween, too! I love dressing up, decorating, making the food – the Whole Nine Yards! I absolutely love the fireplace idea and am encouraging you to do it! So awesome!
    The costumes from past years look great, and have to agree 100% that the “Barbie Head” is one of my all-time faves! I have never seen it done before, and she pulled it off perfectly! I am looking forward to reading about and seeing this years décor and costume as they come together! Happy Haunting!

    • It is fun! It’s totally a participation holiday, though… we love the chocolate part of the holiday, too – which is why I buy pretzels to hand out! I’ll buy one or two bags of good candy, but we eat it before it’s time to hand it out! We will have easily 100 plus kids visiting, and pretzels are the cheapest way to handle that – and I love pretzels and want the left overs!

    • It’s so much fun! And I always let Mr. T invite his friends (and they never wear a costume – obviously their parents aren’t as cool as I am, you always wear a costume!!) and I have learned, with teenagers, 9 pm is a good end time! Oh, and the Pinterest tip of pulling out the crock pot and putting the hot dogs in them – brilliant!!!

  5. I love Halloween! Out here in Utah all the colors in the mountains are changing and it is getting colder (FINALLY!), so I am getting in the spooky spirit too 🙂 That fireplace idea is awesome, you should do it!

    Also, I watched Sleepy Hollow and I think it is going to be pretty great!

    • Down here in Texas we are lucky if we are cooler for Halloween! It’s hard to plan a costume cause some years it’s cold and some years it’s hot! But, I’m excited! I think I’m going to try the fire place scene (heavens knows I have enough cardboard boxes to practice on!)

      I loved Sleepy Hollow!! I was worried about how they were going to continue the story line; however, the end of the show when they did the “coming up” it made sense! I’m really looking forward to it!

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