Conversations with The Girl Next Door

One of our group of Diva’s is the Girl Next Door.  GND is just about as super sweet as they come, and super funny!  She is the mom of an adorable 5 or 6 year old, something like that.

Sadly, she announced the other day that after 15 or so years of being together, she and her husband are getting divorced.  My heart just breaks for her, but, she has really given her marriage her all and we will support her through all of this.

divorce 1

Girlfriend pregnant, wife knows, need money!

It has not been easy so far, as her husband has vacillated between being amicable and being down right hateful.  GND is amazing as she recognizes that hurt feelings are sometimes hard to work through and she is trying to be as calm and reasonable as she can.  Her goal is an amicable split, division of assets and for this to impact their child as little as possible.  This goal is not always an easy one to reach when feelings come into play.

She texted me the other night – and I’m sure she won’t mind that I’m sharing the conversation.  At least, if none of you tell her, then she won’t mind!  But here is how we deal with bad days in our world.  Enjoy!


GND: What are you doing?  Feeling a little lonely so I’m harassing people

ME: LOL! I just got back from a lunch dinner 🙂

GND: A lunch dinner? It started at noon and lasted through happy hour??

ME: Lmbo! I meant work dinner!!

GND: Lmao oh! That makes more sense.  LOL

ME: hahahah.  Thank goodness the place was only two blocks away. 🙂 How are you? Besides the obvious?

GND: Good thing! Meh, I’m okay, I guess.  Mentally worn out. Ready to be done.  Trying to get with my attorney to get paperwork done.

ME: Yuck, that sucks!  I’m glad you are getting your paperwork together.

GND: yeah, I got the referral yesterday, so I’m waiting to hear back on cost and what they need.

ME:  I haven’t shaved in three days…

GND:  Lmao… I shaved this morning and it looks like it’s been days, lol

ME: When I win the lottery I want to get laser treatment on the lower half of my legs

GND:  Heck yes! Me too.  I want it from my eyebrows down.

(There was a little more conversation after that, but it was back on serious items.)



ME:  I finally shaved today.  Just cause I know you were wondering about it.

GND: I was wondering when you’d finally cave!!


So, when you are feeling down just text me.  I’ll tell you how long it’s been since I shaved my legs.

28 thoughts on “Conversations with The Girl Next Door

  1. Too funny … wish I knew you during my divorce. I’d share shaving stories with you too. I’m glad to hear that your friend has someone to help her through this. I’m sure you’re more help then you realize.

  2. Love the look of your blog and I’m a fan of Halloween too. 2 years ago I lived in a much larger house and was the entertainer for the annual Halloween parties amongst my friends so I know how much fun you’re having! I always made up a Halloween scavenger hunt for everybody to do …if you’re looking for a fun game you should try that. It’s FUN & you can get real creative with the objects on the list of things to find. Happy holidays!

  3. *FatToFitBy40* says:

    My friends and I are scattered all over the country, so a lot of our conversations are by text and email. It’s a bit scary to think of our conversations being preserved in print! It’s good your friend has someone to chat with about the divorce but also but other things to just take her mind off it as much as possible.

    • LOL – yes, I was worried at first, but the conversation was just so funny! And by this point, I’m pretty sure that my friends have come to expect me to do things like this…and the flip side is – I’m sure someone out there has snippets of my conversations so this could totally come back to bite me in the butt!

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