Best Birthday Present!

Monday, after Mr. T got his permit he drove us home and I took the keys and headed right back out to enjoy one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received.

Shortly after Lee passed away I received a coupon for a spa package, five treatments for $19.  I called mom and asked if she wanted to do a spa day with me as I thought we both needed one.  She agreed, and then decided she wanted to get my sister and me the package as her gift to us.  So, for our birthdays, in June, my sister got her package and in July I got mine.  I knew mom wanted us to do this together so I waited and waited, and then waited some more.  It’s not easy to get us all together, and even harder when my sister lives in Dallas and just had a baby…


Baby Bella was happy to see Aunt Kate!

Eventually time was running out, so I told mom I was going to go do it before it expired.  Apparently that was all the motivation my mom and sister needed.  My mom started her spa treatments last Wednesday and finished up on Friday evening.  My sister started hers Friday evening and finished up Saturday.

See what a bonding experience that was?  We totally did not do it together!  We (they) waited so long and appointments were already booked.  I had mine scheduled to start on Saturday and on Friday I called to cancel.  There was no way I could help with the yard work at mom and dad’s, go do the spa treatments, go back to my parents to do more yard work and move furniture, then leave to get the cake and food and then do T’s party.  That was just asking for trouble.

Instead, I scheduled my time for Monday.  Yup, I took a couple of hours off work and went and had my birthday spa treatments!


My idea of a spa.

This was a contemporary spa.  Now, since I’ve never been to a spa, contemporary or non-contemporary, I was pretty clueless.  I had gathered from their website that it was all automated.  We aren’t talking about Fabio massaging you – nope, it’s all done by machines.  This actually intrigued me!


The reality of a contemporary spa.

So, I arrived and got started.  First up was a slimming capsule.  It is a dry heat and is supposed to burn up to 500 calories.  It burned 488.  And I lost one pound.  This was only disappointing because mom lost 4 pounds!  Of course, it’s water weight, but that’s not the point!!

Next was the hydration machine.  This is a wet heat and I’d been cautioned that I should put a towel on my tummy because it gets really hot.  They weren’t kidding!!  I had that towel covering more than just my tummy!  And, I kept opening the capsule to release some steam!

Afterwards, I went and bought a bottle of water.  As I had forgotten my tanning lotion, I picked one off the clearance rack.  Water and lotion – $9.  Yup.  I forked it over.  I had a $20 on me to tip them with… well, yeah, they didn’t get that much after I spent $9 and some change on a single serving of tanning lotion and a bottle of water!!

Then it was time for my massage.  Now, I wasn’t sure how an automatic massage would work, but it was pretty awesome! Really powerful water jets were underneath me and rolled up and down my body.  I had on head phones with relaxing music and the lights were out.  It was heaven!


Next up was the tanning bed.  Now, I am an outdoor person, I spend an insane amount of time in my swimsuit out in the sun every year.  There have been several years that I’ve also used the tanning bed, so I’m no stranger to this.  When they asked me how long I wanted to tan, I was like “12 minutes, that’s the max I can do, right?” and she asked if I was sure.  Of course I’m sure!  My skin is already very tan from the summer, this is nothing! So, after putting on my insanely expensive lotion, I hopped on the bed and let the lights go to work.

Last item on the agenda was back to the massage bed! I laid down and just let it run all over me. Perfect way to end the experience!

I thanked the ladies and left a $10 tip and headed home.  I felt awesome!  That was one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten.

Until a few hours later… and I realized I was uncomfortable.  I was adjusting my shorts when I realized, you guessed it, I burned my belly in the tanning bed.  Not just a little, but bright pink hurts to touch kind of burned.  When I was thinking that I was so smart and could easily do the 12 minutes, I totally forgot that parts of my body had not been exposed to the sun!!! Just totally forgot that my tummy is always covered and exposing it in the tanning bed would not be a good idea!

I’m still hurting!  I’ve been putting Calendula lotion on it several times a day and changing into my elastic waist shorts as soon as I’m home to help relieve some of the pain!

Yup, that happened – and someone please tell me I’m not the only one that this has happened to!  Please!! 🙂

How Do I Sleep?

Last night about 9:30 Mr. T tweeted “How do I sleep when I get my #permit tomorrow?”

He was pretty darn excited – but then again – so was I!

We had a good weekend for his birthday – we splurged on take out Friday night and he ended up going over to his grandparents and spending the night with them since his cousins were there.  I joined them on Saturday morning and dad said several times how impressed he was with the twins and Mr. T and their team work.  Remember all those trees that were cut down last weekend in order to fix the fence?  Well, this weekend we had to cut those apart so they could be bundled up.  The trees were down in the easement behind my parents house and at one point I was down there to help and my niece goes “Aunt Kate, we kinda have a system going.  But, I forgot to bring some water down!”  I think she just sent me off to get water so I’d get out of the way! Jayman would cut the trees down to size, Samantha would stack them and T would tie them up and them haul them up to the yard.  We all were so proud of them – and they were proud of the work they did!

I took off in the afternoon to go pick up the goodies and dinner.  Mr. T wanted Taco Casa for dinner, so I got a good selection of items and a gallon of both sweet and unsweet tea.  For those of you that don’t have Taco Casa – you are so totally missing out!  Plus birthday cake… yummy birthday cake… that there is no picture of because I couldn’t wait to cut into it!  Papa made his delicious homemade Reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream to top it all off.  As I told Facebook, I was stuffed, exhausted and on a sugar high all at the same time that evening!

Now, because I know you are all wondering – we did NOT rearrange the bedroom!!  You don’t know how happy I was about that.  Dad actually likes the arrangement and mom does too, except for a few items that just don’t “flow” for her.  So, we’ll focus on just fixing that… eventually! (Yes, I know mom, we won’t forget, I promise!)

I know you've seen this one, but it's a great shot of me and the BD boy!

I know you’ve seen this one, but it’s a great shot of me and the BD boy!

Today was the exciting day.  We were up and at the DMV by 7:55, and waiting outside the doors with everyone else for them to open at 8:00 am.

The line outside!

The line outside!

We got in and through the line up to the front of the desk, proved we had enough paperwork to sit down and wait – and they gave us our number: 601.  Now, the only thing that T and I could come up with was that their numbering system was random so that people couldn’t buy a better number or to keep them from pulling a Beetlejuice (“Hey – look, there is Elvis!!”).

What sense does this make?

What sense does this make?

Our number was called and we made our way up to the desk.  Finished filling out the paperwork I missed, signed half a dozen documents and Mr. T had his picture taken!  From there he was sent to take his test.  I’ll admit, I totally cheated here.  Let me tell you how.  He was supposed to take his test and THEN stand in the next line.  I went ahead and got in line while he was taking his test.  Working the system baby, working the system!

He did well! Scored an 83!

He did well! Scored an 83!

He passed!

Ready to drive!

So, that happened, overnight I’m now officially living out the Driving Miss Daisy movie! Please send prayers! 🙂

I Don’t Understand

Remember how I told you about my busy weekend? And how the weekend culminated with me helping mom rearrange her very heavy bedroom furniture?   I mean, super heavy, the night stands have 3′ granite tops and they were the lightest things in the room kinda heavy?

If you can't lift the furniture, all the sliders in the world can't help you!

If you can’t lift the furniture, all the sliders in the world can’t help you!

Okay, good.

So, that Sunday night I got a call at 9:45 from my mom.  I might paraphrase a bit, but below is how the conversation went:

Mom: What time is it?  We unplugged all the clocks during the move and I don’t know what time it is.

Me: 9:45

Mom: Okay, good, I wasn’t sure if it was 8:45 or 9:45.  Oh, guess what? We broke the bed when we moved it.

Me: Really?  No way!

Mom: I sat down to get ready for bed and it fell apart.

Me:  That’s not right!  I didn’t notice.

Mom:  Me either, but your dad is down in the garage getting some tools.  I guess even if we have to put a screw in it, it is still hand carved.  No one will know.  But I think we need to move the bed.

Me:  What do you mean?

Mom:  I’m not sure I like this layout.

Me:  I don’t understand.

Mom:  I wanted the bed over here to get the breeze, but I think the headboard will block it.

Me:  I don’t get it.

Mom:  We may have to go back to the way it was.  You think you might have some time this week…

Me:  I don’t know what you are saying.

Mom:  (pause)  Maybe I can wait for your sister this weekend.

Me:  You are living with it for a week!

Mom: Well, we do have to fix the bed – here comes your dad, he’s a sight in his slippers, underwear and tool box! Oh, he doesn’t find this funny, I gotta go…



Disclaimer:  Dad, on the off chance you find this blog, I’m hoping that we’ve gotten to the point where you find the story funny! 🙂 xoxo

I Pulled a Muscle in my Bum

It’s been a super busy and fun weekend.


Honestly, I have no clue what I did Friday night – I’d like to say it’s because I was partying so hard I have no memory – but alas, the reality is that my memory has never been good and is getting worse.  I think we just hung out at home.  Yeah, let’s just say we hung out at home!

Saturday I got up and enjoyed a cup of coffee whilst watching the Pioneer Woman and then got Mr. T up so he could shower.  Papa came and picked him up and they went to repair the fence.  Apparently Cassius (Lee’s boxer) has been jumping the half fence and landing 5′ below in the easement and then visiting the neighbors yard. The neighbors weren’t all that happy to have him visit.  Maybe he has bad breath.   While they were gone I cranked the tunes and got the house clean!  It felt great!

Dad and Mr. T worked until 3:00 pm and dad dropped him back off so he could shower and we went bowling! It was so awesome!  There were 9 of us total, and the guy behind the counter was super cool and worked with me and told me which package was most fiscally responsible and he goes “It comes with ‘six’ shoe rentals, if you get my meaning” (Dude, you are going to save me money with a party package and give us all the extra shoe rentals we need at no extra charge – yeah, I hear ya!!)


My lovely bowling shoes! And now that I think about it – I don’t remember taking my socks back out of my purse… they may still be in there… huh.

It was so much fun!  I’m a crappy bowler, but I don’t let it stop me! Also, I bowl overhand.  I wasn’t aware that this was odd until this event!  I tried to bowl “properly” and go underhand a couple of times, but it wasn’t comfortable.  Oh, and there was the time I almost fell but didn’t!!  I was so proud of myself for not falling – cause hey – it’s me, a klutz,

and a slipper floor – it’s guaranteed I will wipe out at least once.  But I didn’t fall!!

Of course – the effort it took not to fall – well, I pulled a muscle in my bum, my derriere, my gluteus maximus.  No joke.  I pulled a muscle in my butt.  Fortunately, it only really bothers me getting in and out of the car, or sitting down.  Or anytime my butt is needed in an activity.

It was fun, though, and we all went out to dinner afterwards at a cute little Mexican Restaurant – and they had the jumbo Cowboy football schedules, so score! I got one for my fridge.

(Hey Holly – it has the Redskins on the opposite side! I’d send you a pick, but the Redskins suck!)

(Oh, hey – MMK – the Eagles suck too, just making sure that you knew that!)

Man, I love football!

Anyway… Sunday we got up and headed for church, and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I remembered – they weren’t having classes today, they were having some type of potluck thingy, and I didn’t have a dish.  Sigh.  We turned around.  (Yes, I’m sure I could have stayed, but I don’t like to partake if I don’t participate.)

So, we drove back home – with a quick detour at Denny’s!  The plus side was that Mr. T and I got to enjoy a lovely breakfast together.  It rocked!




Even more yummy!!!!

Then we headed home to change clothes and over to Grammy and Papa’s house.  Mr. T and Papa had to finish fixing the fence and mom wanted my help rearranging the furniture in their bedroom.  This sounds easy, right?

Wrong.  Their furniture is heavy.  I’m not talking about challenging to move, I’m talking about the fact that their bed is so heavy that I almost had to go get a jack out of the garage just to lift the bed long enough to get the sliders underneath!!  Fortunately, mom and I are stronger than we look.  It took a couple of hours and enough sweat to fill the swimming pool, but we got it accomplished!

Quick break for lunch and checked the progress of Papa and Mr. T and they were close… so I went out and helped.  Now, I have been welding a hammer since I was little and it was embarrassing. I messed up in four different places… Ugh.  Oh well, I was too worn out to do more than just grab another nail! Then we were able to put up some chicken wire and voila! Cassius should not be able to escape!

Please, cross your fingers he doesn’t escape.

Mr. T and I made it home and I saw him sit on the couch and I was like “get your butt off my couch!! Go shower!!”  He giggled and goes “Look at my ankles.”  “Oh my goodness!! Get off my couch!! You have a dirt line that is five shades darker than your skin – GET OFF MY COUCH!!!”

In an effort to put a good spin on things, during the drive home I told Mr. T “It’s a good kinda sore, it’s a sore than comes from having fun and working hard!  Shows we really participated this weekend!”

Yup, that totally happened, I tried to convince myself and T that these sore muscles were a good thing!  I think he was too tired to call my bluff!

Oh – he walked through the room so I asked him what we did on Friday night:

We rented GI Joe 2 and had an at home movie night!

We rented GI Joe 2 and had an at home movie night!

Dinner Time

The other day I had a work meeting outside the house that ran from about 2:30 – 7:00 pm.

Towards the end of my meeting, I got this tweet:


So, I got home.  I did notice that the dish washer was going, and that surprised me, but my thought was that he had cleaned his room and was doing dishes.

Oh no… I asked him why his feet hurt and what was going on? He goes “look in the fridge”  I was like “Oh, did you clean it out?”

No, he hadn’t cleaned out the fridge, he filled it up!


While I was gone my kid cooked enough food to last us a week:

  1. beans
  2. 2 servings of ramen noodles
  3. Hamburger Helper
  4. jello
  5. egg-less cookie dough to eat not bake (more like a brownie mix)
  6. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Now, before you judge, you need to know that most of what he cooked are items that I keep on hand for emergencies, it’s not part of our everyday rotation – and I’m not sure how old the box of jello was; however, I will eat everything! My son spent time cooking for me, so I will eat it!  In fact, today, I had ramen noodles for my lunch – it’s been years since I’ve had any, and yeah, they haven’t changed at all! For dinner, I will have some hamburger helper.  And I will enjoy it all because I didn’t have to cook AND he didn’t leave me all those dirty dishes to do!



Yup, that happened – my son got bored and cooked for a week!

Versatile Blogger and Wonderful Team Membership Awards

I am so blessed!  I’ve been nominated for a few more awards, and in the interest of saving time and not boring you, I’m going to break tons of rules and I’m also going to combine them in one post so that you aren’t bombarded by my bragging!

Mummy Flying Solo nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I love this award because the name says it all “Versatile”, embracing a variety of subjects, fields or skills.  I like the idea that I’m versatile!



  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog. Check!
  2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination. Check!
  3.  Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. Kinda Check! 
  4.  Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post. I might do this… or not!
  5.  Post 7 interesting things about yourself.  Yeah Right!
Interesting Things about myself:
  1. I’m a Cancer.  Not that I subscribe to the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality. (15 points if you can name that show)
  2. TV teaches me things – I’ve learned that if you are a secret Santa and you draw the name of a gay man, you get him a cashmere scarf.  A bunch of singing kids taught me this (only 10 points for that show)
  3. I’m a kid at heart and love kid movies.  Seriously, Pixar and Dreamworks have kept me going for the last several years with laughter and lessons.  The secret ingredient is there is no secret ingredient.  It’s all about you.  (20 points if you can guess the movie.)

Okay. Apparently I only have three interesting things to share about myself.  Oh, I’m sure there are more, but this really puts me on the spot – so how about a shameless plug? “If you’d like to find out more interesting things about me – Read My Blog!!!”

In no particular order:

  • Who or What Was That – if you don’t follow Karaboo’s blog full of code names and drama – you really should! Between work, family and friends, her blog covers everything – click the link above to read about The Great Mustard War of 2013.
  • Arash Recovery – I found Arash when he was Freshly Pressed, and so I’m sure at that time many of your saw him too, but if you never read more than that one post you are denying yourself the opportunity to get to know a wonderful man who shares his journey of recovery from an injury that does not define him.
  • The (not so) Secret Life of a PhD Student – I am constantly surprised at how much I learn – and how much I enjoy learning – when I open a new post.  I remember my mom getting her PhD, and it is interesting to see the struggle that the students go through.  We also get links to articles that Student has published, and I’ve been impressed!
  • Shut Up Dad – cracks me up all the time.  We recently were both lamenting the fact that we have to let go of our favorite t-shirt.  He also has a second blog about the comic book he is writing.  Talk about versatile!
  • Today’s Manager – I’m pretty new to following this blog, but I love the way Cranston approaches and offers solutions to common work place situations.  It’s not often that I have to exercise my role as Manager, but I love the articles and keeping my skills fresh and gathering ideas on how to deal with my employees.  Plus, his last article was titled “Booger Fingers”.  How can you not read that?
  • Sarah’s Brand New Chapter – Sarah is newly married, can’t cook and just got a new job.  Despite all of that, I still tend to identify with her and her struggles and her good times.  Her stories are ones that my girlfriends and I tell each other and I’m having fun reading her journey, check her out!



Mummy Flying Solo also nominate me for the Wonderful Team Membership Award.  This one fills my heart because part of blogging goal was to participate.  I didn’t want to be an impersonal blogger that spews forth all of this gibberish, but doesn’t take time to connect.  This is harder than you think, because, at heart, I’m a hermit.  It is hard for me to make connections, and I work hard to be a better person and to connect with others.  So, I feel happy being presented with this, it means that I’m participating!  I’m mingling! (Okay, you can double your points here and get 45 if you can name that movie – but it’s old school!)

I also love this award because there are no rules!!  I don’t have to do anything; however, I want to.  I want to make sure you all know Me, Myself and Kids.  MMK was one of the first people that I connected with when I began blogging, and since then we’ve each done guest posts on each others pages and even a chain blog.  MMK has been my mentor and my inspiration.  He was there when I was ready to quit blogging shortly after starting and he is always there to offer support and encouragement and help point me in the right direction.  I highly recommend checking out Me, Myself and Kids, blog, you won’t be sorry!


Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and follows my adventures.  I look forward to many more years together!

Brother and Sister

Mr. T walked by and asked “why are your eyes wet?” and I had to tell him that I was trying my best not to cry, but Lily wrote just the most beautiful poem for me about Lee and it really touched me. As such, I’m sharing it with all of you – thank you Lily.

Looking Inward with Lily

Kate and Lee

This is for Kate at who lost her brother Lee recently. Even though we have never met I have been following Kate’s blog for a while and love her sense of humor even in the midst of her own personal sadness. I just read her last blog about Lee and all of a sudden these words came into my head. Maybe I am just the vessel and they are not my words but come directly from a brother to his sister.

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