My Uncle Is A Murderer

I’m not kidding.  You think that I gave this blog post a provocative title in order to grab your attention.  Well, I didn’t.

Okay, well, maybe a little.  If I was being honest, the title would read “My Ex-Uncle Killed My Imaginary Friend”; however, that seemed too long!

When I was little, I had an imaginary friend.  It may have been why my parents decided to give me a sibling, maybe they thought I was lonely.  Apparently having my sister wasn’t the answer, as my imaginary friend hung around longer.

I’m sure I had lots of fun with my imaginary friend, we probably went everywhere together and played dolls together!  We shared secrets and a bath tub! We climbed the fence to the neighbors and jumped on my parents bed!

Then, one day, while visiting my family, my uncle took my imaginary friend and threw it over the balcony and killed it.

I never saw my imaginary friend again.


Rest In Peace Imaginary Friend

Now, to be fair.  I don’t remember my imaginary friend, I have no clue if it was male or female – or even what I named it.  I also don’t remember my uncle killing it.  So, I probably wasn’t traumatized by it too much.

But, considering how much of my childhood I don’t remember, maybe I was.  Maybe I’ve learned to just block everything out all because my uncle killed my imaginary friend.

Have at that one Freud!

27 thoughts on “My Uncle Is A Murderer

  1. Oh God, haha. I guess there are worst things to be than imagination killers. The older I get the more I realize that even adults are kids because tossing your IF over the balcony is totally a childish (in not hilarious) thing to do 😛

  2. I have been told I had multiple imaginary friends for a few years then I told my parents I didn’t want them anymore because they were interrupting my reading time. Guess I killed mine on my own! LOL Love that your uncle took care of the problem for you and that you haven’t had horrible set backs because of it! LOL Great story!

    • LOL – I have no clue what prompted that memory, but it hit me a couple of days ago and it has stayed in my head – so I had to get it out! It’s such a simple little story, but it cracks me up each time it is told and apparently it had to get out of my head and be shared with you! 🙂 I mean really, who has an imaginary friend that was murdered?!?

  3. *FatToFitBy40* says:

    Maybe it is just my evil sense of humor showing through, but I laughed at your uncle tossing your imaginary friend over the balcony. I’m glad you were not too traumatized by the murder! And I hope you are not traumatized by me thinking it was humorous.

    Oh, this is StrongNewMe, but I changed my blog up today and it looks like my username changed too.

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