I’m Procrastinating

I have nothing to say, but I don’t want to cross off the next thing on my to-do list, so I’m here instead.

What’s the next thing you ask… ugh… it’s the TORTURE MACHINE, also known as The Elliptical.


I hate this machine…

So, we had Mr. T’s annual check up, and while I knew it had gained some weight over the summer, my jaw about hit the floor when it was put in black and white.  Now, I don’t mind a big kid, and he’s got good self-esteem, but I’m worried about his health.


I’ve lost 30 pounds so far this year because I wanted to be healthier, and apparently all of the food I wasn’t eating, Mr. T was and I was blind to it.

As such, we’ve both made a point to be more active.  It’s really easy to do when we spent an hour chasing his 2 yr old cousin in the pool – or when we spent about 4 hours in the lake, and a good portion of that he did without a noodle – but during the week we don’t have those options.  I told him that I’d start doing the elliptical.  My goal is to set a good example.


Being a good example sucks.

Knowing this is good for me sucks, too.

Thus, I’m writing a blog post about it instead of actually getting up and doing it.


22 thoughts on “I’m Procrastinating

  1. Congrats on the choice to get healthier! 30 lbs is amazing. I’ve done an elliptical machine once and it’s evil.
    And procrastination is my work speed of choice 😀

  2. I am trying to get the hubby back to his workout regiment, he has gotten lax since I have been on bedrest with all the sickiness this year. Perhaps if I tried to put in ten minutes he would put in twenty..it’s worth a shot!

  3. A Strong New Me says:

    Do you have an elliptical at home? That is great! It’s a wonderful workout. And just doing it even though you didn’t want to really is a good start.

    • I do have the elliptical at home, which helps me a lot! And thanks! even thought I only did 9-1/2 min instead of my 15 minute goal, I figure it is a start. It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle more, I just so was not mentally prepared!!

  4. I hear you. I actually schedule myself on my iPhone calendar to exercise but keep “editing” it for the next day 😉 gotta get my ass in gear. I have “work” to do during my 2 yr olds nap and some is real and some is reading blogs. Why can’t we get paid for this? I mean, I know nothing productive really comes from it for society but still?!?

    • Oh – we should so get paid for it!! We are totally making the world a better place! 🙂

      I can be active, but I hate exercise. I’d rather be out and about doing “real” stuff… sigh… such is life. I’m making myself do it and maybe eventually it’ll be a habit that I actually enjoy.

  5. Go for it! Exercising is a therapy of the soul too. Recently I went jogging after putting off for months and swear that the feeling is terrific. Of course, blogging gives better therapy, still we should take good care of our own body! Go for it together with Mr T, it will be more motivating with a companion.

  6. I hate the elliptical too but it’s a great way to burn some calories! Now that you blogged about it, we can all provide encouragement and you’ll have to keep going to update us! So it really, technically wasn’t procrastination to blog about it, more like laying out your game plan! Good luck to you and T!

  7. First off – 30 lbs. That’s awesome. Good for you.
    Now, stop reading this and go be a good example.
    In case you are still reading, my brother and his family just told me last week that they use their elliptical all the time. It sounds good. I just have an exercise bike. Maybe, I should have sprung for an elliptical.

  8. Send him on his bike to 7-11 to get you something! Trick him 😉 it’s hard making lifestyle changes!! We’ve instituted several already and while I hate to admit it I lost two pounds this week when I’ve been stuck for a month!! Guess I needed the changes too. Didn’t realize how bad we’d been until the numbers were in front of us.

    • Wow! Way to go! Mr. T should be ok on his exercise, for school alone he walks about 45 minutes every day and then he has rehearsal which is pretty active! I’m the one that has to add exercise. I have to come up with something to do, cause I really hate that machine.

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