I’m Procrastinating

I have nothing to say, but I don’t want to cross off the next thing on my to-do list, so I’m here instead.

What’s the next thing you ask… ugh… it’s the TORTURE MACHINE, also known as The Elliptical.


I hate this machine…

So, we had Mr. T’s annual check up, and while I knew it had gained some weight over the summer, my jaw about hit the floor when it was put in black and white.  Now, I don’t mind a big kid, and he’s got good self-esteem, but I’m worried about his health.


I’ve lost 30 pounds so far this year because I wanted to be healthier, and apparently all of the food I wasn’t eating, Mr. T was and I was blind to it.

As such, we’ve both made a point to be more active.  It’s really easy to do when we spent an hour chasing his 2 yr old cousin in the pool – or when we spent about 4 hours in the lake, and a good portion of that he did without a noodle – but during the week we don’t have those options.  I told him that I’d start doing the elliptical.  My goal is to set a good example.


Being a good example sucks.

Knowing this is good for me sucks, too.

Thus, I’m writing a blog post about it instead of actually getting up and doing it.


Truths for a peaceful life

Number five on this list is what I’ve been working on this year! Take a look at Being a Lady is Overrated’s blog! You won’t be disappointed!

Being Lady Like is Overrated


We all yearn to have a peaceful and happy life… No matter what the world throws at you, you have control to make it a happy life. I believe these are key in achieving internal peace.

1) Make peace with your past so that it doesn’t spoil your present.

2) What others think about you is none of your business.

3)Time heals most anything. Give time, some time to work.

4)No one is responsible for your happiness, except yourself.

5)Do not compare your life to others, you have NO idea what their journey is all about.

6)Stop over thinking, it’s ok to not know all the answers.

7)Smile, you don’t own all the worlds problems.

Take control of your own destiny and responsibility for your own happiness.

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