The Old Man is Snoring

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.  He went to bed with a bump on his head and couldn’t get up in the morning.

While that little rhyme is a bit disturbing, I mean, does he dies in his sleep? Anyway, I’m thinking about that poem today, because…

It’s raining!!! And it feels wonderful!  Most of it is a farmer’s rain with small interruptions of heavier downpours, and it is heavenly.  Our ground needs it, too! Most of the boat ramps at the area lakes are closed since water levels are down 10 feet or more.  We’ll take the water! I’ll sit here on the couch and enjoy the gentle patter.

And catch up on my DVR!


Okay, I Googled images for “DVR” and this one cracked me up… DVR of the Olympics…

dvr 1


19 thoughts on “The Old Man is Snoring

  1. A Strong New Me says:

    The Olympics picture is hilarious. The bar running across the screen is perfectly placed for people like me with dirty minds who wondered just what you were watching!

  2. That pic of the two guys is what showed up in the Reader. I couldn’t imagine what you were writing about today! haha!! Let’s just say I didn’t think you were writing about rain and the DVR! I just told my husband last night that I think we have to get cable again just so I can have the DVR back. Netflix just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I’m missing too many good shows.

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