Trends That Should Go Far, Far Away

Can the scarf trend just go away yet?  Really, it’s freaking 100 degrees outside, you don’t need a scarf.  Trust me on this.

Now, I get the pretty scarves, silk and such, that compliment a dress.  Those are okay.

But those clunky cotton, with fringe, you can go away.  Unless it’s snowing outside, you don’t need to be wearing it.  And, you really don’t need to be wearing a scarf all day.


An extra 10 pounds anyone?


hiding a hickey?? Aren’t you too old for that?


I think this one is alive…


are you wearing a watermelon? Oh, no, it’s a scarf.


How is this fabulous?


First, this doesn’t match and 2nd – yuck! Ladies, this really doesn’t look good. Just so you know!

15 thoughts on “Trends That Should Go Far, Far Away

  1. A Strong New Me says:

    AMEN! I am so over seeing women wrapped up in ugly scarves, especially in the damn summer! Can you tell this trend grates my nerves? 🙂

  2. I have a couple, which I have never worn. I do wear wool scarves in the winter, when it’s below freezing and is not only acceptable, but expected. However, I think the scarf has seen it’s day as well.

  3. I don’t own any scarves mainly because I never understood how to wrap them around. I tried a few on at a store one time and couldn’t figure it out. My 12 year old niece wears them all of the time and I asked her to show me once (how sad is that) and even after she showed me I couldn’t figure it out. I will never be a fashionista!

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