There Must be a Force-Field

There must be a force-field around Mr. T’s laundry baskets.  It has to be an invisible bubble that keeps things from actually landing in it.  That is the only explanation I can come up with to explain why there are dirty clothes on the floor.  I can’t understand how there can be dirty clothes (read: Underwear!) just inches from the basket, so it must be an invisible force-field.  That is the only logical explanation!


Bathroom laundry basket in the bottom left corner of the picture. See underwear on the mat just one step away. Force-field at work!


Bedroom laundry basket – see more underwear just inches away – and a towel literally touching it! The Force is Strong with this one!

Just FYI – his floor isn’t dirty and stained – our carpet is a different color if it’s not all facing the same way.  Also, here’s an interesting factoid – my carpet is made from recycled water bottles.  Yup.  Totally true! And yes, my son is sitting just feet from his TV – he’s playing a game.

12 thoughts on “There Must be a Force-Field

  1. For some reason there is a force field around the hamper only when my husband needs to use it. The rest of us can get our clothes in very easily. I’m half-expecting that when my boys reach a certain age that the force field will appear for them too! Also, now I totally want to feel your carpet! I’ve heard of decks being made out of recycled plastic bottles but not carpet. Is it soft? Can you clean it? I’m sure it must hold up really well!

    • Yes, I think the force field grows as the kids do! and yes, my carpet is amazingly soft – it was so cool, when I searching for new carpet to find that recycled option – you can’t tell at all! It does clean up pretty easily, too.

  2. HAHA! I think that’s the same force field as the one around the empty toilet paper roll that the kids can’t seem to change 🙂

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