There Must be a Force-Field

There must be a force-field around Mr. T’s laundry baskets.  It has to be an invisible bubble that keeps things from actually landing in it.  That is the only explanation I can come up with to explain why there are dirty clothes on the floor.  I can’t understand how there can be dirty clothes (read: Underwear!) just inches from the basket, so it must be an invisible force-field.  That is the only logical explanation!


Bathroom laundry basket in the bottom left corner of the picture. See underwear on the mat just one step away. Force-field at work!


Bedroom laundry basket – see more underwear just inches away – and a towel literally touching it! The Force is Strong with this one!

Just FYI – his floor isn’t dirty and stained – our carpet is a different color if it’s not all facing the same way.  Also, here’s an interesting factoid – my carpet is made from recycled water bottles.  Yup.  Totally true! And yes, my son is sitting just feet from his TV – he’s playing a game.