My 15 minutes of fame

I’ve been following Arash since I started blogging and it’s been inspiring to read his journey. He was recently part of an Al Jazeera documentary about the use of the Ekso skeleton as part of his recovery. It’s a great blog and please take time to watch the video!

Arash Recovery

Just a couple days before I went to Ekso Bionics for the first time to walk in their exo-skeleton, they asked me if I would mind talking to “some friendly British guys doing a short documentary” about my initial experience. A few hours later, they called me again and asked if the British guys could come to my house and ask me a few questions before I actually walked at Ekso. I agreed to everything, assuming these guys were doing some esoteric, low-profile documentary project that no one would ever see.

The British guys showed up at my house (and indeed they were very friendly), they explained that this was actually for Al Jazeera English, a very well reputed international news channel with a growing influence and a viewership in the hundreds of millions worldwide. I was STOKED. I’d been reading and watching the shows on Al Jazeera for years…

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