My Emails Sound Exhausted

I’m not kidding – Karaboo emailed me today that I “sound just so exhausted”.

I scrolled back through and looked at previous emails – they seemed peppy, I mean, I used exclamation points frequently, and exclamation points aren’t exhausted – they are the epitome of excitement!


See how excited he is? How peppy?

So, I had to know how was I typing that I sounded so exhausted? ย I mean really, that’s kinda cool.

To which Karaboo replied that “Maybe I’m exhausted reading everything you’re doing.” ย Later in the email she exclaimed “Tedious!” ย and went on to tell me that little words like that are what make my emails sound like I’m tired.

So, here I was thinking I would get points for using my grown-up words, and instead, it makes me sound exhausted.


From now on I shall use small words and make them rhyme; then I will sound peppy all of the time!

I’m going back to using my normal speech pattern of dude, awesome and greatness.

So yeah, that happened, I was told my emails made me sound exhausted.

By the way – she was right, I’m pretty exhausted.


10 thoughts on “My Emails Sound Exhausted

  1. If you write a book called There’s a Cookie on My Wookie I will buy it! By the way, tedious is a great word. Even if it is kinda boring ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hahahhahahaha. Very true! You were right, and I did say so… I just threw it in at the very bottom of the post where no one would see it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And thanks for texting T. We were driving home from my Amy’s and he was like “can I text (insert your real name here)”. He was excited to get the information I have failed to look up for weeks!

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