My Emails Sound Exhausted

I’m not kidding – Karaboo emailed me today that I “sound just so exhausted”.

I scrolled back through and looked at previous emails – they seemed peppy, I mean, I used exclamation points frequently, and exclamation points aren’t exhausted – they are the epitome of excitement!


See how excited he is? How peppy?

So, I had to know how was I typing that I sounded so exhausted?  I mean really, that’s kinda cool.

To which Karaboo replied that “Maybe I’m exhausted reading everything you’re doing.”  Later in the email she exclaimed “Tedious!”  and went on to tell me that little words like that are what make my emails sound like I’m tired.

So, here I was thinking I would get points for using my grown-up words, and instead, it makes me sound exhausted.


From now on I shall use small words and make them rhyme; then I will sound peppy all of the time!

I’m going back to using my normal speech pattern of dude, awesome and greatness.

So yeah, that happened, I was told my emails made me sound exhausted.

By the way – she was right, I’m pretty exhausted.


10 thoughts on “My Emails Sound Exhausted

  1. If you write a book called There’s a Cookie on My Wookie I will buy it! By the way, tedious is a great word. Even if it is kinda boring 🙂

    • Hahahhahahaha. Very true! You were right, and I did say so… I just threw it in at the very bottom of the post where no one would see it! 🙂

      And thanks for texting T. We were driving home from my Amy’s and he was like “can I text (insert your real name here)”. He was excited to get the information I have failed to look up for weeks!

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