Welcome to Isabella Kathleen

So, on Friday, I talked to a couple of people, and told them, either I’m forgetting something important – or I actually have a free Saturday.  I finally decided that I had a free Saturday and that if I had forgotten something, they’d have to just forgive me.

I proceeded to make plans with my friend Karaboo.  I mentioned to her that since I had a free Saturday, my sister was going to have her baby.

Sure enough, I got the call at 2 am Saturday from my nephew “uh, Aunt Kate, mom’s water broke so we are going to the hospital.”  Does she want me there now or closer to time? “Up to you”.

I went back to bed.  Of course, I failed to set an alarm, but ended up waking up about 6:30 and jumping up and showering – didn’t have time to do my hair so I left it natural.  Threw on some makeup while downing a cup of coffee and was out the door by 7:30.  It’s an hour drive, and mom told me at 7:30 “she’s at 4 centimeters.”

I hit the gas.  My sister tends to deliver within 20-30 minutes after she hits four centimeters.  Sure enough, 30 minutes later Isabella Kathleen arrived!  Since it is an hour drive, I missed it.  I’m not upset about this – I was there for her last birthing and oh-emm-gee, you can’t un-see something like that.

Isabella came out just as fast as the last – and that was too fast.  Apparently there is a whole symbiotic thing that is suppose to happen as the baby is exiting the birth canal, and because my sister pops them out so fast, it didn’t happen with Isabella, and the result is that she got a big gulp of fluid before she came out, so her lungs are a little wet – and her entire head is bruised.  I mean bruised… like purple… and enough that every single medical professional commented on it “Wow, we almost never see this!”.

Beyond that, baby Bella is just awesome!  She’s eating like a champ (again, the nurse said “wow, normally babies only a day old don’t eat this much!”).  And the fact that she’s eating means that she has become a pooping machine! She’s also already lifting her head up (again, she shouldn’t be doing this – but she is!).

Now, because I’m a really proud aunt – please enjoy!


About an hour after birth, getting our measurements taken.


All bundled up getting ready to move to a new room.


A few hours later with her favorite Aunt Kate. Here you can really see how purple her face is!


2 days old sitting with Aunt Kate again! My sister is apparently an expert negotiator and came home from the hospital a day early, so we are at her house for this picture.

Since Amy convinced everyone to release them both a day early, my mom stayed in Dallas yesterday with them and this morning took Bella to see her doctor.  Just a bit of jaundice, which is fairly normal, and now they are all back in FW at mom and dad’s place.  Amy and the kids will stay there a few weeks.  (Amy has the 13 year old twins, Jayman and Samantha, and 2-1/2 year old Joshua, and then now baby Bella.)

Which means I get plenty of time with baby Bella!

As a side note – her middle name Kathleen – is a combination of my first and middle name, so technically, she’s named after me! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Welcome to Isabella Kathleen

  1. Yes – you saw the future. It’s a shame you did not put $ on this in Vegas.
    Congrats proud aunt on the birth of your niece. May she bring much joy to her parents and family. It is wonderful that you have a something wonderful to celebrate after the loss of your brother.
    Cool that they named her after you.

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