Oh Look, Something Shiny!

I pulled out my laptop to do two things this fine Sunday afternoon.  I needed to do my Daily Challenge (I’m part of a program sponsored by a local hospital, they send you an email challenge each day, and you and your team compete to earn points.  The point don’t get you anything except a healthier lifestyle.  This past week the challenges ranged from making sure you have an extra band-aid in your wallet to doing an imaginary hula hoop ten times both ways.) (Just FYI, I’m much better with an imaginary hula hoop than a real one!)  I also needed to balance my checkbook.  My check book is actually an Excel spreadsheet.  Those were the only two things I had to do.

I got my Daily Challenge done and joined a pact with my mom.  If we both do the next 5 days, we get bonus points.  I’ve been at the top of the leader board the past two weeks, so, yeah, I’ll do the pact and get some bonus points!

Then, well…


I got distracted by checking my yahoo email, which lead me to Word Press, where I proceeded to read through the backlog of blogs on my reader page.  I’ve recently added new blogs to my life and I had plenty to catch up on.  And, it was good – I like discovering new people!  An hour goes by and I’m so tired of sitting down, so I shut my laptop and set it aside…

And see my wallet sitting there.  Cause you know, my goal was to balance my check book.

Well, I got up to stretch my legs, put some stuff in the garage (we are going on our first camping trip of the season next weekend and we had stopped by Walmart after church to pick up a few items I forgot yesterday – Mr. T has decided that he wants to take our second tent for himself this year.  My baby is growing up!! He’s 14, so yeah, he can have his own tent.  But, but, my baby has always stayed with me!!  On the flip side, I get a tent all to myself!!! Oh my goodness!  I get the big tent with the little closet all to myself! This is going to be so cool!)

Sorry… yet again..


I took my water glass to the kitchen to fill it up, finished putting up the last of the items and came back to balance my check book.  I’m pleased with myself, I balanced! And I haven’t gone over!  I picked up my drink to quench my thirst, only to realize I must have gotten distracted in the kitchen cause I didn’t bring my glass back with me.


So, as far as I can remember, short of needing some water, I did get everything accomplished today.  As I mentioned, we have our first big camping trip next weekend, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  We have so much fun.  This is the family trip (as opposed to our yearly Diva trip – girls only) and we have a big group going.  I’m so ready and can’t stop talking about it – but I must – so that I can save it for a post for you guys to enjoy in a few days!

Oh! 2-1/2 days of school left!! YAY!!!