Technology Rocks!

I got my first smartphone at the urging of my boss, who told me “this way you can sneak off and get your pedicures and still check your emails, no one will know.” Technically, I can work from anywhere and the smartphone allowing me to get my emails should allow for extra flexibility, seemed like a win-win! Plus, hello? Who doesn’t like a boss that knows you that well? 🙂


A few years ago I switched to the iPhone. I’ve never regretted it. It’s served me well, easy to use, very few issues, and really, it’s not like I use my phone for much. I can tell you that I check my emails on it about once a week, check Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Word Press daily and occasionally play a game.

My phone handles my calls and keeps me entertained and until last week, I had not even come close to using my iPhone’s full potential. All last week I worked almost exclusively from my phone. I downloaded the app for the cloud server that our offices uses, so I’ve been able to pull up drawings and other documents to answer questions and I’ve been able to stay on top of my emails. I’ve been able to text co-workers and delegate assignments as necessary and I’ve been able to monitor the progress of my staff (all 2 of them!) and keep them on track. Now, I have had to spend some time in the evenings on my laptop in order to do some technical writing, but that time has been very minimal. I’ve been just tickled pink that I haven’t had to lug my laptop to the hospital every day and very pleased with how well my phone has performed! This may not seem like a lot, but to be able to do 4-6 hours of work from my phone, and not having to cart my laptop back and forth is a real blessing! Technology is a wonderful thing!


Per Wikipedia, porridge is a dish made by boiling ground, crushed or ground cereal in water, milk or broth. Huh, learn something every day…

I’m actually writing this blog in the notepad while I sit in the chair next to Lee. To my untrained eye, he seems to be doing better. His color has improved, he’s not near as yellow as he has been, and he seems to have an appetite. Just this morning he was asking about food, he wants something more substantial, and he would even settle for porridge. (OK, I’m not even sure we have ever referred to any food as porridge, but that’s what he asked for!) I told him that when we saw his doc we would ask about his dietary restrictions.  Low and behold, his breakfast tray arrived and instead of the broth that he hasn’t ever eaten, there was porridge!! Okay, it was malt-o-meal, but to me that falls into the porridge category! Apparently he was been switched from the clear liquid diet to the full liquid diet. Yeah, I wasn’t aware there was a difference either. He did eat, not a lot, but he ate about half of his porridge and had some juice and a couple of bites of fruit. So, his color is better and he ate more today than ever before. I would think he is recovering.

The flip side of that is that I’m untrained. So, you know we have reality about to land in our lap. His numbers are all over the board. Some have gotten better and we were surprised when some got worse. Overall, in the big picture, he is getting better. As his nephrologist likes to tell me “it’s small, but it is progress.”  I’ll take that and I’ll hold on tight to it. It may be small, but it is progress. That’s all that matters at this point.


12 thoughts on “Technology Rocks!

  1. I got my first smartphone just a few months ago and adore it. Since my job does not pay for it, though, I refuse to put any access to my work email onto it!

    Porridge for breakfast? I would probably eat my napkin instead. I hope his meals get better, and he gets out of the hospital soon.

  2. Every step forward is a step in the right direction! Sounds like Lee hasn’t given up so no one else should either. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    • Thanks Holly – I’ve read all of your comments, but figured just picking one to respond to would be fine! I can’t blog an update just yet, but we’ve weaned him off of one of his meds, and that means that we get to turn off the dialysis today… fingers crossed! I had to leave earlier than normal today for a dental appt, but I’ll check in with my parents later, and then I hope to have a really good update!

  3. I started really getting into the technology thing when I bought the Motorola RAZR phone when it first came out. Then I got the LG Chocolate. Then I really outdid myself and got a Blackberry and stuck with it for a couple years before getting the iPhone 3GS. Now I have an iPhone 4S AND a Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 920). I sure wish I had a job like, you Kate, so I could work from my phone! Tell your boss to hire me and I’ll move to Texas, haha! So glad to hear Lee is improving. Yup, I think of him daily and am appreciative that you keep us up to date with his status! 🙂

    • Yes, I’m so very blessed to have the boss I have, but don’t get me wrong, I put up with a lot of crap from him as a trade off for the freedom! LOL. And thanks for letting me know that the updates aren’t bothersome, I was really worried that I was sharing too much!

  4. My husband works for a local cellular company and you will never believe that I am still using as my husband refers to as “an antique phone.” Right now my plan is $5 a month and my husband’s is free so it’s not even a money issue. I just require really simple things! I am terrible with technology and it’s just amazing that I have figured out how to have a blog!!

    • LOL – okay now, that’s funny! But, until your kids are older, you probably don’t really need an advanced phone. You probably don’t even need a smartphone, but if you feel the need (which you don’t) maybe getting a messaging phone would bring you a little closer to this century. hehehehehe.

  5. I hadn’t checked twitter or turned on TV when i wrote this, so please don’t think I’m an awful person, but I didn’t know about the bombs in Boston. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there, the injured and the first responders.

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