Listening Skills

Okay, so we all hear what we want to hear, and sometimes what we hear isn’t what was said. And sometimes, we just flat out don’t hear it correctly.
Dad and I both heard the same thing, at different times, so that at least makes me feel better that I’m not operating in the “hear what you want to hear space”. We both understood the information to mean one thing, and the reality is apparently totally different…
I was under the impression that a good portion of the tests and labs being run were to help get Lee better and a side result was that this would help get him on the transplant list.
Boy, I could not have been more wrong.
Mom took the early morning shift yesterday in order to catch all of the doctors. I had volunteered so that she could get some sleep, but she wanted to be the one there when the docs came in and I totally respect that, I would too if it was my kid in there! I came in and it didn’t look like good news, but operating on the cloud of information I had, I wasn’t prepared, none of us were, actually.
As of right now, everything that is being done is not to help get him on the transplant list, but to just help him survive. To try and keep him alive.
His liver enzymes are looking better, meaning they haven’t gotten worse. His kidneys are doing worse, the numbers are a bit better but that is due to dialysis, not because they are functioning in their own. He is running a fever so he does have an infection somewhere in his body. They have him on antibiotics and will take cultures to see if they can identify who, what, when and where. Okay, they don’t have to identify all of that, it just sounded good!
I know that most of this information you don’t need, but in addition to using this blog as a cathartic release, this is a good spot to document and record Lee’s journey. I do have to laugh sometimes, because I will anguish over my Facebook status update, making sure I only put specific information out and try and keep it as positive as possible.  I need to keep family and friends updated and honestly, FB is just much easier than trying to email and text and call everyone, but not everyone needs to know the nitty-gritty information.  So, aren’t you guys the lucky ones?!?! 🙂
listening skills

14 thoughts on “Listening Skills

  1. That is disheartening. I’m so sorry. However, the future is yet to come so there may good things just around the corner. Survival is key. Then transplant. I’ll keep praying for all of you. Big hugs.

  2. Oh Kate, thinking of you and your brother. Yes, I think you are right that sometimes we hear what we want to hear but that clearly isn’t the case here. I hope you find answers and that he is able to fight the infection.

  3. I’m confused. This being done to keep him alive, but what about the long run (G-d willing there is one)? Can he have the transplant done in the future? I’m sorry, if again, I am slow here or getting to close on so difficult a topic.

    • I’m confused too. At this point we are apparently just trying to keep him alive and help his body start working on its own. I am speculating that if that happens, then they can evaluate transplant options. Some of this is related to the output vs the injection (don’t ask, I’m not sure). They do want to do a heart cath to measure the output and see where it is, but have to hold off due to the infection. The infection is clearing up, btw, his white blood count is much better today. I wish I had a real answer for you, but I’m taking it one day at a time and so all I’m doing is focusing on survival. I am trusting that when we get past this, then we can ask about future.
      And you aren’t intruding, I welcome the questions!

  4. Still thinking about you guys and sending positive thoughts and energy and virtual hugs all the time! I appreciate you sharing with us on your blog. I know I don’t share near as much on Facebook unless I want the whole world (almost) to know.

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