Root Canals Aren’t That Bad!

Never in my life would I expect to utter those words!  I’m not going to lie, today, I really believe it! After the work I’ve had done so far, the root canal was a breeze.  I will tell you that my jaw is very sore, it hurts to talk and yawing about kills me – and I’m running a small fever.  Have no clue why, so I’m chalking it up to stress.

About 20 years ago, I had a root canal done. Well, that is the tooth that a few weeks ago changed my life.  The crown came off, and took the tooth with it.  You know this story.  I had it extracted.  It sucked.  Today was the root canal on the tooth in front of it, in preparation for the permanent bridge.  It wasn’t bad.  If you are squimish about teeth though, do NOT read any further.


My mom called me this morning when she realized that the root canal was today. She goes “Who is taking you?”  Ummm, no one? I’m driving myself.  “You can’t do that.  What time is your appointment?”  10:00 am.  “Well, I can take off and come get you.”  Mom, you really don’t have to, I’m pretty sure I can drive myself.  No, really mom, they would have told me if I couldn’t drive.  (Now, as a side note, my mom does NOT do teeth.  We cannot discuss teeth in front of her.  We can’t show her a loose tooth.  Sometimes, we can’t even smile too big in front of her.  She walks into the dentist office and checks in, goes back to the car, takes a couple of Valium and waits for them to come get her, from her car, cause there is no way she’ll sit in the waiting room.)  Now that you know that, you understand how awesome it was that she offered!  That was like a huge deal for her to offer.  Being the awesome daughter I am, I told her that when the office opened, I’d call them and verify that I could drive.  Which I did.  And they confirmed, I’d just be numb, I’d be fine.

I get there and let them know that after breakfast I did brush and floss… but I had pizza for breakfast, so, uh, don’t judge if you find a random piece of dough.  Then they stick me with those awful needles.  My jaw immediately starts hurting when they jab that needle in there.  But, it’s for a good cause.  I’ll tolerate it.  The Price is Right is on the TV above me, so I have fun watching them bid while the entire left side of my face goes numb.

Price is right

Not a bad way to pass the time…

Okay.  It’s time to begin.  Whirl, Buzz, Suction… I’m starting to regret not having brought headphones.  Nah, it’s okay.  I am a big girl, I am tough.  OH MY GOD!  My entire body flinched before I even realized that all of the sudden, it really hurt!  The dentist was awesome – before it had even fully registered to me, she was out of my mouth and going “Kate, I’m going to numb you some more.”  Ya think? I was like – yeah, I felt that.

After a very short delay, we were back at it.  Whirl, Buzz, and then a weird vibrating thing happened.  It was odd.  I’m not even going to go there.  But then, then, oh my goodness, then the Dr. goes “Wow, look at your root. Look how big it is!”  Okay, I don’t want to see this, I don’t want to know this, I keep my eyes shut for a reason, but when you say something like that to me — I’M GOING TO LOOK!!!

don't look

Y’all, there was my root, just sitting on the drill bit.  And the doc is going on and on about how big it is.  I’m nodding and saying what I think is the appropriate response – all the while I have this inner dialog going “oh my goodness, that is so gross… **shudder**.  Wait, go look again.  Look at that, is it big?  It seems big.  Gross, gross, gross, why is she showing this to me?”  Then, I about die, when she wipes it off the drill bit and onto her finger and puts it right in front of me and states again “Look at how big this is.”  I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed?!? I mean, is it good?  Is it bad?  I don’t know!!

Fortunately, I was saved from further inner dialog as she got back to work.  Very soon I heard the words “Okay, I just have to finish and close you up.”  Oh thank you Lord.  It’s almost over.  My jaw is killing me.  I’ve just seen parts of my body that I never wanted to see – that I never even thought was possible to see.  I’m feeling very traumatized!!

Before I know it, I’m checking out.  They hand me scripts for the usual antibiotics and pain killers and I’m on my way.  I survived.  I was able to come home and get some work done.  Then I took a small nap, I couldn’t help myself.  I think that the dentist office just makes me sleepy.  That or the pain pills!

True to course, my dad called a bit ago to make sure I had food and see how I was feeling.  I was prepared this time!  I didn’t need him to bring me anything, which made me feel good about myself! Of course, as we all know, third time is a charm, because for the first 2 dental issues, I did have to have dad bring me food!  I’m a slow learner sometimes, what can I say? 🙂

So yeah, that happened, I saw the root that was removed from my tooth.  That is an image I will never forget.  Ever.

20 thoughts on “Root Canals Aren’t That Bad!

  1. Glad it wasen’t “that bad”
    Also loved seeing your price is right image…when I was 18 thats what I asked for for my birthday…tickets to be on the show. I had a t-shirt made and everything. On the front it said “Rod, please repeat after me” and on the back “Diana, come on down!”

    lol glad you survived!

  2. I would have looked too, then also wondered why the hell I was looking at it! I hate the dentist and am already dreading an appointment I have a few weeks from now. There is a reason more than one horror movie features a dentist. They are regular “Saw” movie candidates.

    • oh yes… they are! It’s just insane! the one good thing about this dentist, and she’s new to me, but she had no problem providing me with pills!! As sad as that is, she’s really good and keeping me healthy with antibiotics and pain free with some Tylenol 3. 🙂

  3. I just had my first root canal about a month ago! I’m still having problems with it so I’m assuming I have to go back…ugh! It’s not so much the drilling that freaks me out…it’s the numbing…no, not the needle…I get weirded out when my mouth gets numb. I feel like I am going to forget how to swallow or something. I nearly had a panic attack. I have never had phobias with the dentist before but I may soon be right there with your Mom if I have to get more work done!

    • LOL – I’m the same way – the dental assistant was worried about me for a bit cause I was having such a hard time swallowing! I’ve been told it is no uncommon to have issues with a root canal, so fingers crossed – I’m hoping yours gets fixed and/or goes away on its on, quickly!

  4. What’s up with your mom and teeth? Really cool of her to offer to take you considering her issues. It’s nice that your parents are there for you.
    Anyway, I hope this is the end of your dental issues. I had a root canal a while back too. There was some funny stories. Who knows maybe it’s a blog post? If I ever go through with it, I will credit you.

    • I’m almost done with my issues! Just a few more procedures left. And yes, I’m very blessed that my parents are there for me. 🙂 I have discovered that blogging about teeth is more interesting than I expected… And just as gross as I anticipated.

      • At this point, the dental staff is like my second family. Lol. I go back soon for a temporary crown. Then I go back a couple times to get the permanent bridge. Then I go back a couple of times for one last root canal. Then I’m making my best friend take me to dinner where I will order multiple appetizers and entrees just so I can eat a little bit if everything. Lol. I miss eating real food…

  5. I hope I never have a root canal. Just having cavities filled is traumatizing enough and I admire you for having had more than one root canal in your life! I once had a dentist do a couple of fillings about 5 years ago and when he went to numb the side of my mouth, I swear the needles he jabbed into me were going to come out my eyeball. It was horrible. I never went back! Hope you are feeling better now!

    • The needles used for numbing are the worst part!! I hate them, they make me hurt every single time! Weak teeth run in our family, it’s just odd that I had a ton of problems surface all at once! And I am doing better, thanks for asking. I ache and twinge, but am just using Advil for pain at this point!

  6. You survived!! YAY!!!

    I remember one time I was having a filling. When the dentist started drilling I could feel it, but when he asked if I was in pain, I told him “no” because I didn’t want to have the needle again. I’m such a wimp.

  7. I would have been right there with you, looking at that thing, wondering why in the hell I was looking!

    glad you’re feeling okay! Let me know if you need anything, I have no plans for tomorrow. (kids, but no plans)

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