Ran across this the other day – and it totally cracked me up – fits in with my Supernatural Obsession and the fact that both Dean AND Sam made the list… well, nerd heaven! Enjoy 3 Chic Geeks blog and Happy Tuesday!

Three Chic Geeks

bad boyfriends

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to think about to whom you’re going to profess your undying love. As dedicated fanboys and fangirls, we all have a few characters we are at least a little bit in love with. Or a lot in love with. Or obsessed with. You know, that kind of thing. True love won’t be stopped by the constraints of reality, after all – you are absolutely certain that Dean Winchester is the man for you. Great, but we here at 3 Chic Geeks have extensively gone through every one of our fictional crushes and picked apart all the reasons why they would NOT be good boyfriends. Read on to find out what we think would be the dealbreakers for each of the characters!!

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  1. Ok, that was hilarious!! But, I have a question. I used to watch Supernatural, but haven’t been following it for a couple of seasons now….Dean and Castiel???? Can you explain that one??

    • Ok, I think it was season 3 or after the brothers discovered that Angels DO exist. Castiel is the angle that befriends them, in his own way. Dean and Castiel have a special relationship, mainly cause they spend so much time together in the car, but every makes fun of them cause it is very much a “bromance”

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