The Things I’ve Said This Past Week

Oh my God!

Brake.  Brake.  BRAKE!!!!

Well, we know my seat belt works.

Release.  Release the wheel. RELEASE!!

Slow down.

Slow down!!!

Don’t tip the car over!!

Turn into your lane, your lane!

Don’t hit the pedestrian!!!

Get up to speed.

Curb!  Watch the curb!

Back up and try it again.

Whew, we made it.

Can you tell yet what I’ve been doing more of this last week or so?  Teaching Mr. T to drive.  Since last year I’ve been giving him opportunities to drive, mainly in empty parking lots and the short trek to the bathroom facilities when we go camping; however, he has really ramped up his driver’s education lately.  I think this is mainly because he realized that his younger cousin was driving more than he was.  We are just a bit competitive in our family!

So not ready for this yet...

So not ready for this yet…

I have discovered that construction zones are not the place to let him learn.  I’ve also discovered that he’s not ready for the main roads yet.  I’m already dreading the freeway experience.  I usually talk to Erica at the end of the day and as I’m on my way to pick up Mr. T from school, about 6:30, and we hang up when he gets in the car – and Mr. T keeps laughing “why does Erica keep praying for your safe return? Does she think I can’t get you home in one piece?”

Well, uh, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I took my eyes off the road just long enough to snap a picture!

I took my eyes off the road just long enough to snap a picture!




18 thoughts on “The Things I’ve Said This Past Week

  1. When my rental car for work turned out to be a Ford Mustang, my oldest stepson got his first driving lesson a bit early (he’s 14), but who could resist saying his first driving lesson was in a brand new Mustang? He enjoyed it very much, and yes, I took pictures!

  2. I remember my mom trying to teach me how to drive. But by then, my dad had beat her to it, so when I was driving with my mom and she’d ask me to do things (like steering left and right back and forth), I would exaggerate and freak her out so much that she’d make me stop and switch seats and she would drive the rest of the way home. Dad taught me how to drive in his 66 Impala with “three on the tree” and then I learned on his 84 Laser (5 speed) before mom got me in her Ramcharger (automatic). It was fun, but we were out in the boonies so when I got my first taste of city driving in Reno, I was scared to death! I learned how to navigate Reno pretty well in a short period of time. I can’t imagine trying to teach a teen how to drive in a city, though. Yikes! Good luck to you!!!!! And to Mr. T. 🙂

    • LOL – that’s funny Kari! And thanks! We need the luck, today, against my better judgement, I let him drive to Wal-Mart and the street in front of walmart is under construction, and he started to pull into oncoming traffic. I drove after that… LOL

  3. I thought Mr. T was 14. Do they have any laws in Texas? Anyway, I am glad you made it home safe. Did you kiss the ground upon arrival?
    I love the way you opened the post. I remember my mom driving me when I had a permit. We laugh about it now but I definitely scared the hell out of her.

    • Lol, we do have laws in this state, pretty strict ones, too; however, like everything else that doesn’t suit me, I ignore them! One day I did utter that query, how much trouble would I be in if he got pulled over? Then I decided it was fine, this is Texas after all, kids here drive early due to all of the ranches and such. The fact that we don’t live on a ranch doesn’t even take into consideration.

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