A Supernatural Obsession

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I love being a nerd!

As most of you know, I work from home.  I have a room with a beautiful antique desk and credenza set up to meet my every need.  It even has T’s old futon (from the time he redecorated his room to be a collage dorm) that will fold out for when I have more guests that just the guest room will hold.  It’s a great room.

During the holidays, my job is slow, and since T is home, I usually work from the living room.  I love my couch. It’s so comfy and has multiple recliners.  It was during the holidays that I discovered the show Supernatural.  TNT runs a three hour block every morning and since there is nothing else on TV, one day I decided to watch it.  So much better than I expected it to be!  It actually fills all my TV needs: drama, mystery, investigation, character development and most importantly, Sci Fi.  I love being a nerd!

When I had my dental issues, I moved back to the couch.  It was just easier and more comfortable.  And, yes, I could watch Supernatural on TV! Shortly thereafter it was Spring Break.  Well, T is gone to stay with my parents, I’m alone in the house, work is light, and so I figured this was the time to catch up on the Supernatural series – Netflix is a wonderful thing!

Being an addictive personality, I operate like this:


I’m currently addicted, obsessed, enthralled even! I didn’t discover this until the Friday of Spring Break when my dad called, wanted me to run to Target with him and Mr. T.  No problem!  I love Target.  On the ride there he asked if I’d seen this particular news story.  No, I must have missed it.  That was when it dawned on me.  I hadn’t watched any real TV that week.  All I had watched was Supernatural on Netflix.  Okay, maybe one or two shows from my DVR.  But, no news, no fluff, no nothing.  It was a Supernatural Spring Break!


Who wouldn’t be obsessed with this guy? ❤ Dean Winchester

reading the bible

Dean and Cass

The show is also full of witty one-liners.  The writers do a great job of creating the scene and moving it forward.

Sam: Why did you let me sleep?  Dean: Cause I’m an awesome brother.

Sam and Dean getting in the car: Driver picks the tunes, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Dean (talking to Castiel, the Angel): We’re humans.  And when humans want something really, really bad, we lie.  Cass: Why? Dean: Because that’s how you become President

Bobby: Get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt, you crap margaritas.

(Cop talking to Dean)  Cop: So fake US Marshal, fake credit cards… You got anything that is real? Dean: My boobs.  (he gets cuffed after that!)

You get the idea!

I’ve missed the first half of the latest season, and it’s killing me.  But, my DVR is set, so I won’t miss anymore. And I’ve been scouring the internet to find free copies of the first half of this season so that I can catch up.

Now, I’m passing my obsession along to you! Be a nerd with me! Drink the Kool-Aid! You won’t regret it! To get you started, here is a YouTube of one of my favorite outtakes from the show! Even if you never watch the show, this is so worth it!

Currently all of my social media is hooked up to Supernatural.  They show up on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Yup, I’m addicted.  And I LIKE IT!!!

Here are some more pictures, just to share my obsession with you!

28 thoughts on “A Supernatural Obsession

  1. My eyes are glued to my laptop screen coz of supernatural. Now I don’t even wanna believe that it is just tv show. I have lost touch with real world.(who cares anyway!) And last night,only God knows how many times I watched Dean lip syncing Eye of the Tiger. Happy binge watching spn fandom!

  2. Arlae says:

    I love it when more and more people become obsessed with fandoms I’m currently re watching supernatural that’s how awesome it is I cannot wait till October for season 9 🙂

    • I’m dying for Season 9!! I just convinced a friend of mine to start watching it – I am meeting her later this week to hand off DVD’s of the first three seasons! My son and I are rewatching the entire thing via netflix right now to get ready for the new season!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Stepf says:

    Do you know what episode the pic “dean: so I was reading the bible yesterday and I…” ” cas:Jesus dies” came from??

    • I don’t know. And, honestly, while it cracks me up, I can’t remember if I saw it on the show or if I’ve just seen it floating around out in space…. Whether or not it was real, it totally fits with the show, so I went with it! I’ll have to do some research. And by research, I mean re watch it from the beginning (Or, at least from when Castiel enters the picture!)

  4. I’m almost scared to check it out! I become so addicted to shows too! We have Netflix and that is about all I watch! I find a show I like and I watch all 139 episodes in a a few weeks…it’s all I think about!

    • YES!!!! That’s so what I did! It was a wake up call when I realized I’d done nothing but watch that show all spring break! However, I will admit, now I’m glad I did, I’m really enjoying this obsession… really enjoying it! 😉

  5. It is hard for me to get past the idea that you get to work from home and you get to work on the couch or a special office set up.
    Anyway, I am familiar with the show but never watched it. I remember a student a few years ago used to write about the show in every journal throughout the term.
    You are a serious addict aren’t you!

    • I love working from home. It was a pay cut initially, but I’ve made up for that since then, and it came at a time that I really needed to be home with Mr. T more. And yes, I’m beyond addicted. If I wasn’t so broke right now, I’d have bought more stuff than I needed… I have my eye on a great pair of pajamas…. 🙂

    • Oh, you should!! Get past the first couple of episodes where they are setting the scene, and then it becomes so much fun! Of course, I love vampires and ghosts and such, but, it’s really good. I laugh, I cry… I’m totally addicted!

      • You sound like me when I was going through my Friday night lights obsession. I will write about it. I also went through a vampire diaries obsession and I think my vampire bros were compared to supernatural bros . Sounds like something I would love.

      • Yay!! I’m so glad you will try it! Then we can compare notes and I’ll have someone to share my secret loves with!!! And, really glad I’m not the only one who gets obsessed… really, really glad!

      • No you aren’t the only one. I tend to get totally psycho (like watching on my phone at lunch hour and while ignoring kids at home, etc). Once i watched an entire episode of friday night lights on my phone while sitting in traffic. I love the light switch art on your post.

  6. I plan to taste the kool-aid during my 8 weeks of sleep deprivation and time off work 🙂 You’ve been crazy about it for weeks…gotta figure out what the fuss is about!

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