In Honor of my Toe, a List of Ten Things

I’m struggling today.  It all just sucks right now.  The least of my issues is my big toe.

Monday, on my day off, my mom called and needed me to move some furniture. Which I grudgingly did.  As Mr. T and I were placing an item in their garage, somehow or another, I stubbed my toe on the piece.  That’s not the bad part. It ripped half of my toe nail off.  That freaking hurts! And, here it is days later and it’s still seeping blood.  I was able to drip some hydrogen peroxide over it today to clean it; however, I’m still upset over it.  This ruins my entire summer.  I don’t think I’ll get a discount on my pedicure because they are only doing 9 out of the 10 toes!! So, my ugly toe will be the talk of the pool this summer.  My pedicure time has been interrupted and my feet won’t shine in their flip flops this summer.  This is a big deal in my world.  My toes are always beautiful, decorated, and the envy of all my friends.  I’m not a girly-girl, and half of my fingernails are broken, but my toes, oh my toes, they always look so good.

So, due to my ten toes, and in honor of the one that is injured – here is a list of ten things that I felt like sharing!

  1. I want to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I grow up.  She’s a total bad-ass, has a great fashion sense and can kill vamps like nobody’s business.  I think I have more earrings than she does; however, I totally believe I can pull it off.
  2. yes I have tattoos
  3. Why are chocolate covered cherries so popular at Christmas time?  Why don’t we buy them for each other at other times of the year? And, why do we like them?
  4. There should be more tie-dye socks in the world.  I’m going to have to break down and make me some.
  5. be who you are
  6. I will watch Clueless every time it comes on TV, the lessons are never ending! Plus, I love Paul Rudd, loved him before any of you even knew who he was!
  7. You know the expression “Stop and smell the roses”?  Yeah, I do that
  8. life is better in flip flops
  9. If a recipe has 25 ingredients, you can guarantee I’m not making it.  So, as lovely as the Pioneer Woman’s Thai Chicken Wrap looks, that just isn’t happening.  But…now I’m hungry.  And I want chicken wraps.  Especially ones made with 25 ingredients.
  10. Life is Good!

Okay, there is my list of ten things in honor of my ten toes.  I hope at least one item brought a smile to your face!

16 thoughts on “In Honor of my Toe, a List of Ten Things

  1. Awesome! I love Paul Rudd too. Clueless is a classic. I’m sorry about your toe. Maybe you can buy some cute band-aids with neat designs to cover it up. 🙂

    • LOL – I have a friend on FB that immediately said we had to find some cute band-aids! I went through my cabinets and found Camo band-aids!! I’m so rocking the camo on my toe. If I sit still, my toe disappears! Okay, not quite, but still… 🙂 And yes, Paul Rudd – so yummy!

  2. The toe thing caught my eye. Last July, I injured my left big toe nail by wearing shoes that were too tight. It hurt for months and when I had a pedicure, I discovered that the entire nail was deep purple. It’s still really bad. It has not come off yet, but I am absolutely paranoid about losing it. It’s amazing how one stupid move with the bad shoes, is still plaguing me!

    • I feel your pain! Over a year ago the entire family went to Disney and Universal, and being an amusement park, I wore tennis shoes. I never wear tennis shoes, i’m always in flip flops – and all of the walking had my big toes hitting the end of my shoes – it took a year for the bruised area to grow out all the way! Fortunately, I never had the fear of losing the nails – good luck to you – the things we put our toes through! I hate shoes before this – now I really hate them! (The sad part is, if I had being wearing shoes instead of flip flops, I wouldn’t be going through this now!!) But, seriously, good luck with your toe!! I’m sending good energy your way!!

  3. I LOVE “Clueless” and Paul Rudd!!! I watch it anytime it’s on, too! Sorry about your toe! I cringed when I read that half of it was ripped off!! Maybe you can get like a fake nail glued onto it to make it look whole again? I’m joking! But you know people do that to their toe nails and it’s so….kinda icky.

    • hahahaha – okay, I have to admit, when I read that suggestion, I actually paused and gave it some serious consideration!! LOL. I don’t think I can do it, I’m upset, but not that upset over it!! Thanks Kari, that was greatness!

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