Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

First off, let me tell you that being a grown up sucks.  I’m reminded of that every year on Valentine’s Day.  You know how I finally knew I was a grown up? I didn’t get a chocolate heart from my parents.  That was a bad year.  Fortunately, my parents decided the same year to stop giving my sister and I our annual treat – so at least I got four more years than she did! hehehehe. I’m so awful!!

I did wake Mr. T up this morning and give him a card and his heart full of chocolates.  Due to the fact that he had wrestling practice this morning and had to be at school at 6:45, I have no idea if he got to have a piece before we left – I’m sure he did though! I worked for a couple of hours and then got ready for lunch with Bert.

Me and Bert at Christmastime

Me and Bert at Christmastime

Bert is my friend, and in the same industry.  He calls on me professionally, so I see him every month or two, but as friends, we text almost every day. Last year Bert and I decided to have lunch, on Valentine’s Day.  It’s a time where we get together and eat and talk and laugh, and be very, very cynical!  It’s what we do best!  Okay, he’s better at it than I am, but, it’s all good.  I’ll let him be cynical, cause he pays for my lunch! In that spirit, we decided to call it our Anti-Valentine’s Day Date.  Don’t ask me why.  It’s just how we roll!

Today was our second annual Anti-Valentine’s Day date, and it was by far our best one yet!  We met at the same Mexican food restaurant, and boy did we pig out!  It was so good, so very good.  We caught each other up on our lives.  You’d think that since we text every day, we’d know everything there was; however, there are some things that can only be shared face-to-face.  He had to tell me about a Stage 5 Clinger that he’s somehow picked up.  Okay, I know how he picked the clinger up, he didn’t listen to me.  I was very clear; however, he was very drunk!  This happened at one of the few events that he attended without me.  We’ll be in Houston in June, and I’ve promised to stick by his side.  He thinks it’s to protect him, but we all know that it’s for the free drinks.  🙂  I kid, I love Bert, he’s a hoot.  While, I’d like to feel sorry for him and the Stage 5 Clinger, I can’t.

Once I got all of my “I told you so’s!!” out of the way we got down to business.  It was good to sit and catch up.  Expand on everything that we’d only touched about in our daily texts.  We talk about mutual friends, of which there are many, catch each other up on industry gossip, discuss our kids and generally just enjoy each others company.  It’s one of my favorite days of the year.  Right up there with my annual margarita Christmas lunch with TD.  Oh, and Bert got me the biggest heart full of chocolates I’m sure the store had AND a box of turtles.  Oh emm gee.  A girl can’t be any luckier than to have friends like mine!


It’s okay to be jealous!

One the way home, I called the local take’n bake pizza joint and put my name on a heart shaped pizza.  The past four years, this has been dinner for me and T.  He always loved that we got pizza on a school night, and the fact that it was heart shaped, well, he tolerated it because I get such a kick out of it.  I also stopped by 7-11 for a pint of vanilla ice cream.  I have a brownie mix just calling my name – and it’s Valentines Day, a regular brownie just won’t cut it, I think we need a brownie fudge sundae!

Then, I dropped the chocolates, pizza and ice cream at home and turned around and left again.  I have worked for a month on Bert’s anti-valentine gift.  I put some serious thought into it, I enlisted the help of one of his best friends and I finally made him the best gift a guy could get.  And walked off and left it when I left for lunch.  So, I headed up to the mail center and had them ship it, just a couple of cities over, for me.  Seriously, the postage cost almost as much as the gift did!  But, it’s worth it.  He’s going to love it when he finally gets it.  But really, I’ve had the gift done for a week.  It’s sitting on the top shelf of the secretary, right above where my purse is!!  I literally was inches from the gift and FORGOT TO TAKE IT!!!  Yup, that just happened.

The gift that got left behind...

The gift that got left behind…It has manly items like beef jerky, pistachio’s and his favorite part, four different types of whiskey.  

In conclusion, Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!


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