What Does “Being Brave” Mean?

My good friend Karaboo and I tend to email almost every day and share parts of our life or quotes, pictures, etc. that we’ve found interesting/funny/inspirational.  Last week she sent me a copy of Are you being brave? by Simple Mom.  This is not a blog that I follow, but I’m always up to read something new.

The blogger posed the query “Stop and think about the bravest moment in your life.” Now, most of you know what I do when told to stop and think about something, I usually don’t.  I gave it a slight pause and nothing immediately popped up, so I continued reading.  She goes on to detail her brave moment that happened while she was working on her pilot’s license.  Both of my parents have gotten their pilot’s licenses, so I know how hair-raising and gut-wrenching that can be, and I have to admit, my dad is red/green color blind.  The colors on planes (to indicate if they are coming at you or away from you) are red and green.  So, I see how that could be a momentous occasion in a person’s life.  The blogger is very adamant that you don’t compare your moment to anyone else’s; all of our life experiences are different. I appreciate her pointing that out, as we all know that my goal for this year is to stop comparing myself to others!  🙂


I read the blog to the end.  I stopped and thought about my bravest moment.  I’ve jumped out of a plane.  I’ve ridden the Titan at Six Flags -twice (255 feet tall, speed exceeding 85 mph, those are stats that I’m really glad I didn’t know beforehand!), I’ve swam in an ocean, given birth and I’ve taken multiple road trips with my family. These are all big, brave things in my world.

It was time to answer Karaboo’s email… “I love this!  And while I respect her journey, and the big brave thing she did – there are days that sometimes just making it through the day makes me feel brave!”

Sometimes it is hard to pull the trigger and hit send on an email when you don’t know what reaction the other side is expecting from you!

Bravery (1)

Oh thank goodness! Karaboo agreed with me!  I should have known her thoughts were going in the same direction as mine.  Karaboo sent back that she was thinking that it was brave to be a single mom, or a step-mom.  Working from home or accepting a job that you have no experience at.  “What about the 100’s of little things we all do each and every day that others don’t see as brave, but was brave for us.”

So, to answer Simple Mom’s query, and as I told Karaboo, I love the big adventures, and they make great stories and very, very memorable moments, but for me, sometimes just making it through the day makes me feel brave.  Walking into a room where I don’t know anyone makes me feel brave.  Attempting to make cookies after dinner really makes me feel brave.  Hearing my son tell me he loves me makes me feel brave.  Writing this blog makes me feel brave.  It means that I stood up and faced the day, faced my fears and just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

I’d ask you all to stop and think about your bravest moment… but, we know I hate that – however, I will tell you feel free to share your bravery below!

Here's wishing you all be brave!

Here’s wishing you all be brave!

28 thoughts on “What Does “Being Brave” Mean?

  1. I found it! I found it and it was so very good your thoughts and yes similar to my take about everyone’s own brave. I think the best point of all is the not comparing our brave to another person’s brave. I will have a part 2 to my brave/courage post. It has to do with the trip I took and a certain pole most everyone stood atop.

  2. How did I miss this one last year? I love this post! There are so many acts of bravery in daily life. For me, the one that comes to mind immediately is being totally truthful and admitting when I am wrong or the cause of some yucky interaction. And even if I don’t admit my wrong doing to someone else (which is super bravery!), just admitting to myself can make me feel brave too.

  3. You’ve jumped out of a plane? Good for you! That is on my to-do list! My bravest moment would be…well, I don’t know. There are so many. You’re right that even the smallest things in life take bravery. When going through difficult times, even waking up and facing another day has required bravery. It is tempting to give that question more thought and maybe write a post about my most brave moment. We shall see.

  4. Thank you for being brave enough to share this and all of the other parts of your world!
    My own version of bravery is definitely of the ‘every single day’ sort…
    Keep sharing because as for me…I want to see you be brave!

  5. I totally agree Kate, we are truly brave everyday in so many different ways. Life is hard there is no doubt about that, every day is a new challenge and some days just making it through the day and being able to keep a positive attitude is an enormous acheivement. 😊😊

    Ps. Love the bravery quote with the polar bear and penguins lol

  6. We are brave in our own lives, and while that might not mean much to others who do amazing feats, getting through the day can be pretty brave and amazing to me! Plus, sometimes people that pull off those amazing feats couldn’t last in your shoes, so yup..brave! Great post very thought provoking! Might have to write about “The Bravest moment thus far” sometime!

  7. There are days leaving my house is the bravest thing I can do. It’s a big, often scary, but always miraculous world out there. I’m so glad you not only recognize the simple bravery in others, but appreciate your own daily bravery. One of my favourite quotes about bravery is from Winnie the Pooh
    “…there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  8. I think it is cool that you can see your actions as brave and recognize that life can be challenging and getting through can sometimes take great effort and perserverance. Fight to be proud of you.

    • Thanks MMK! It’s kinda a “stop and smell the roses” combined with “don’t sweat the small stuff” way of looking at life, lol. I’ve done some grand things, but being brave just means so much more to me that taking that step off an airplane. I don’t know if I’m honestly recognizing my flaws and overcoming them or if this is a diversionary tactic and I’m trying to convince my brain everything is okay, but either way, I’m gonna go with it!

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