Winter… Ugh…

To those of you who wished for a real winter down here in Texas, go suck it. I hate you all. I live in Texas for a reason, and the snow and cold isn’t it. I could go back to Nevada if that was what I wanted. It’s been below 50 degrees for weeks now. I can handle the bit of rain we’ve had, and the more rain we have coming, but once the temps get below 50, it’s freezing! I only own 4 pairs of long pants!! And that includes one pair of black pajama pants that, yes, I’ve been known to wear out in public. Seriously, they look like real pants, unless my shirt lifts up and you see the flap. Yes, they are men’s pj pants. That’s not the point. The point is, it’s cold. I’ve actually had to wear snow boots and tennis shoes. For a girl who lives in a variety of sandals and flip-flops, my toes don’t like to be squished! I’m tired of jackets, tired of sneakers, tired of the runny nose and cold toes.

I am thankful that we’ve had minimal tornadoes and the couple of hurricanes have not impacted us greatly. We’ve been very blessed in that aspect and yes, by the end of the week we should be back up to the sixties; however, it was 29 degrees this morning. 29. Seriously.

So, you know who you are, and right now, I don’t like you one little bit!!


Okay, this isn’t from this years snow, but I don’t have a picture of this years snow – it was too freaking cold!!

6 thoughts on “Winter… Ugh…

  1. Yes it is cold! I’m ready for the temps to be in the 70’s-80’s with nights in the 40’s-50’s. Too bad that only happens about twice a year…. 😦

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