Today I totally failed at my goal to not compare myself to others.  I fully expect to say this many times over; however, I have to share this one with you!  A dear friend of mine, Karaboo, gave me a pay-it-forward gift.  I still have yet to find the right words to thank her for it, I’m just shocked and honored and humbled by it.  

Karaboo gave me laser hair treatment.  Yup, you read that right, laser hair treatment.  Now, most pay-it-forward’s that you hear about sound more touching and heartwarming – like the Secret Santa’s that hit Kmart and paid off peoples layaway accounts.  Or the person who walks by and drops a quarter in the meter that’s about to expire on the street, you know those stories.  

Before you judge, let me tell you that this is something I have wanted since it was invented. This is something that I would never be able to get for myself.  Something that I would never get for myself.  I feel guilty for the $30 – $37 I spend every month on my pedicure (I have finally decided that it’s okay, and that it’s worth the time and money to have an hour alone to myself once a month, it helps me be a better mom.) Okay, enough of my neuroses.  The point is, this was the most awesome of gifts and I in turn will, in the future, bless someone else in their life.  

Back to my story of failure.  Today was my second treatment.  I got in the chair and let the technician get to work.  She asked me about the holidays, told me about hers.  Now, here is where my total failure comes into play.  My technician is a young, beautiful woman.  Long jet black hair, beautiful body, pretty skin, great smile, funny and heart warming.  I see a girl like this and just assume that she’s the popular one, always going out and having a good time.  I completely and totally compared her to me, and since she looked so different than I did, she couldn’t be like me in any way.  Oh my goodness.  She’s a homebody.  She loves being at home.  My jaw just about hit the floor.  Yet again, I’ve been hoisted by my own petard.  

I see it as a reminder from the Universe to keep trying.  As far as reminders go, it was a pretty good one!  


Bedtime Ramblings

I’m trying out the WordPress app I downloaded last night. It’s pretty cool. Plus, I’m obsessive, so it’s a way to feed my habit. If you know me, that makes sense.

My last blog bombed. I was disappointed and distraught. I don’t expect overwhelming responses every time, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really bombed like I did yesterday. I’m still processing it all.

Tonight was choir practice. That is code for lunch lady happy hour. As most emails go to work emails, they came up with the code to announce the get togethers. I’m not a lunch lady, but I work with them frequently. It was a good gathering, we did a gift exchange of regifts. The rule was to bring a gift you got that you won’t use, in other words, regift it, and we did the Chinese Christmas and it was a blast. Afterwards I hung out with my boss a bit, I only see him every couple of months, so it is always good to get face time with him. Then I spent a couple of hours with some reps who are also my friends. We hung out at the bar, laughing, joking and having fun, and in my case, I answered one of the guys phones when his ex called. It was hysterical, but I’m a little bit twisted that way. 🙂

So, it’s 8:30, and Mr. T went to bed over an hour ago. I found that to be a good idea, so I’m laying in bed, on the heating pad (long story), watching tv and testing out my new app.

Yup, in bed at 8:30. That just happened.