Victoria’s not so Secret text

So, even though Mr. T is 14, I believe it’s never too late to try something new and maybe start a new tradition.  I saw on Pinterest the Christmas Eve present box – it’s filled with new pajama’s, hot chocolate and Christmas movies.  The purpose is to let your kid open the box on Christmas eve and then have a night cuddling and watching movies in your new PJ’s and drinking hot chocolate.  Well, we always open presents on Christmas Eve (and Christmas morning, too), and since the entire family is together, not sure that this gift would be appropriate to give at that time.  BUT, I could take the spirit of that gift and modify it to fit my life.  So, I bought new PJ’s for me and T.  Holy cow, do you know how expensive  pajama’s have gotten???  Anyway, I have a Keurig, so I have easy hot chocolate and we have a great collection of Christmas movies and now we have the new pajama’s.  I figured when the time was right, I’d pull those out and surprise him and we’d have some special time together.  

Now you have the background, let us move forward.  Last night was kinda chilly down here. And Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on. Mr. T had stepped away and then there was a commercial and so I took a potty break and that was when inspiration hit.  I saw the stars aligning in my favor.  I went and checked the gift closet, saw the PJ’s and headed out to give them to Mr. T… who was no where to be found…  I called out “Mr. T?  Mr. T? Shorty, where did Mr. T go?” all the hallways were dark and quiet… then I heard a little sound from his bedroom.  

Mr. T was in bed, just after 7:30, covered up, not even watching TV.  “T are you not feeling well? Do you need some meds?”  He requested a couple of Advil, which I brought him and a bottle of water.  I patted his head and murmured all of the appropriate things a mom should utter when confronted with a kid that doesn’t feel well.  Then I went back to the kitchen to do the dishes that he’d failed to do before he crawled into bed.  

A few minutes later, I got this text.  Apparently the Advil kicked in in like 2 seconds!

T text

Nothing like scantily clad ladies to make a boy feel better!

14 thoughts on “Victoria’s not so Secret text

  1. Hello my girlfriends Kate and Cathie! I love the story about Mr. T and I love to hear all the cool stuff you two do together. Kate you are awesome supporting us like you do and I was going to tell you I so appreciate what you wrote about my new tattoo. I remember one of the very first blog posts I read from you was about your brother and the letter and the tattoo. You had me there! It’s like my piercing. My daughter didn’t like that at first and just the other day she said ” I don’t see the nose ring anymore, I just see you” EXACTLY your point on the tattoos! Isn’t that crazy?

    • Thank you! And thank you so much for your kind words! I’m very blessed to have an awesome son!

      I think the tattoo will soon be like the nose ring! In fact today as I was writing a blog post, there was a picture of me and I saw my new tattoo and my heart melted. I am used to seeing it, but then I saw it through new eyes in the picture… it just filled my heart all over again!

  2. That really is funny. You guys have a great relationship obviously. 🙂 Love it. I love your comment about being busy reading other people’s blogs. I get like that too. They are so great though aren’t they. Who needs our own lives when we can read about these great people. 🙂 Tracie and I have been working on our Seven Cea’s, I haven’t posted on my own blog in forever. Oh well, one day.

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