Sitting in the Dark

The light bulb went out in my office.  And it stayed out for about 2 weeks before I finally decided I was tired of working in the dark.  And, actually, the only reason I went to change the light bulb was because I had to pull the ladder out to change out the battery in one of the smoke detectors.  Why do the batteries in the smoke detector ALWAYS fail at 2 o’clock in the morning when I’m trying to sleep?? 

So, I changed out the batteries in the smoke detector and took the ladder to my office and turned off the fan, unscrewed the light bulb cover and took out the bulb.  I had grabbed both an energy efficient bulb and a regular you’re-going-to-hell-because-you-are-ruining-the-environment bulb.  


Do you see my problem? Why on earth is the light bulb in my ceiling fan NOT standard?? Why would Lowe’s do this to me?? Needless to say, I sat in the dark for several more days.

On Black Friday, my mom, my sister and I were out shopping, at the reasonable hour of 9 am and eventually made our way to Home Depot.  I was like “light bulb!” and pulled the old one out of my purse to compare it to the selection along the wall (yes, I carried that stupid light bulb with me for weeks on the off chance I’d remember to replace it).  I found the replacement, a 2 pack, which is good since I have a total of 3 ceiling fans just like the one in my office – and I grabbed an appliance bulb for my oven (the light in the oven has been out for months – don’t judge – it scares me!)

I got home and later the next day, I put in my new bulb and attached the light bulb cover.  All was well.  

Until I made the mistake of pulling on the chain to turn down the fan… 

ImageThe light bulb cover came hurling down at me! I screamed and threw my hands up over my head and ducked! Mr. T came back to the office with a quizzical look on his face, and at this point – it was funny and I had started giggling – nothing like a good giggle when you realize that you’ve survived another catastrophe!  It was a happy-to-be-alive type of giggle.  Mr. T just looked at me, asked if I was okay and went back to gathering up his stuff for school.  I know that he was smirking at me – I could feel it as he left the room.   

So, the view from my desk has been an ugly bare bulb – I’ll spare you the picture, even though I took one – until yesterday.  I was on the phone with my boss and went and pulled out the ladder, climbed up and reattached the light bulb cover.  Then I pulled and tugged on that sucker to make sure I had actually tightened the set screws enough to prevent it from coming crashing down on me again like Halley’s Comet! Just to be safe, I haven’t pulled the chains, I’ll wait until Mr. T gets home and make him do it! 

Yeah, that just happened, I am saving the mildly dangerous issues for my son to test out first.  Winning!!!