Too Early

Okay, I really feel that I’m getting the hang of this blog thing.  I remember to tag the post, and the last couple of blogs I even remember to categorize! It’s the little things that make me happy.  

My plans for this past weekend got cancelled.  I was supposed to go with a girlfriend to help her shop for her wedding dress.  It didn’t happen, but they did file a “certificate of informal marriage” (Common Law here in Texas) and it declared they’ve been married since February, so now instead of a wedding, they’re thinking just having a party in the spring.  I am pretty sure that the little information I do have on this is more than enough, but apparently it involves and ex-wife and kids.  But, she changed her name and status to Married on FB, so, you know, that made it really real.  

The point – I had a free weekend!  Mom called me Friday night, they needed our help unloading stuff at my grandmother’s house, what time do I pick up Mr. T? “7 pm.”  “Okay, since I need his help tomorrow too, see if he wants to spend the night with us.”   

Score! I picked up Mr. T, ran home and packed his supper (I’d pick up a take n’ bake pizza) and he threw some stuff in a bag, we ran to Grammy Skeeter’s house, and he left with mom and dad and I went home, alone.  I sat down and had some pizza and a Lime-a-Rita!

Yet again, I am coming back to the point.  I woke up Saturday, just me and Shorty (our dog).  I had some coffee, I had some breakfast and by 9 am I was bored silly.  I check FB, Pinterest, even WordPress in an attempt to alleviate the boredom. 

In the end, I looked at the calendar and realized that it was my only free weekend from now until forever.  It was the only weekend that I was home.  So, I took advantage of it.. Yes, it’s too early, way too early, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet… But alas, it was now or never…


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