Best Laid Plans…

We don’t keep cokes on hand much in my house.  If we did, we’d drink them and I’d go broke.  Now, chocolate syrup used to make chocolate milk, we go through 2 big bottles from Sam’s with alarming regularity, but apparently, chocolate milk is supposed to be the best thing Mr. T can eat and drink after wrestling practice.  I’ve refused to Google this, cause what if it’s not true?

We drink milk, Kool-Aid, tea and my new favorite, Mio.  Anyway, there are very few rules in the house, but don’t drink my last Diet Coke is one of them.  I don’t care if that coke sits there for weeks, when I want a coke, it better be there! Anyway, I have a diet Pepsi hiding out in the fridge.  Not my drink of choice, but it was free.  Last night, Mr. T had theater rehearsal and then wrestling practice after school, so I didn’t pick him up until 7 last night.

Nothing is better than being able to have a coke and not have to hide it from anyone! I planned to sit on the couch, pick a show off my DVR and sip my cold coke while dinner finishes in the crock pot!


The Pepsi was flat… sigh… 

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