Jean shorts and tie-dye

Well, my son, Mr. T, did go to school today.  Thank goodness.  I love him, sure, but I don’t like him home with me all day.  I work from home, by the way.  The smallest bedroom has been converted to my office.  Well, my office space, craft space, gift wrap closet and back up guest room (though I pity the guest that actually has to sleep on the futon in here.)  I’m very blessed that I have the room for a home office and that I have a job that allows me to use it! Yes, I am a motivated self-starter and able to work independently.  It says so on my resume!

I get up and shower and get dressed – and my daily wardrobe consists of jean shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt.  Yes, I even attend meetings dressed like that.  I host the Halloween party every year – my mom came dressed as ME this year. No joke.  Some days I wear black pajama pants, though, so I do mix it up occasionally. I start my coffee and walk down the hall and I’m at work.  After working a bit, I get Mr. T up.  Yes, he’s 14, but for the life of me, he can’t figure out how to turn on an alarm clock during the week.  Some battles aren’t worth fighting. Of course, he’s got it down to a science to have the alarm go off at 6:30 every Saturday that he isn’t home.  If he’s spending the night with a friend or with his grandparents, I have learned that I will be woken up by his alarm going off at the other end of the house.  Maybe it is a battle worth fighting after all!  

After a few hours of work, depending on the day, I take a break and dust, or vacuum, or if it is Tuesday, I do laundry.  It’s Tuesday, I’m doing laundry instead of working.   

And, I’m not sure how she did it, except that she’s really smart, but Karaboo found me… So, check out her blog: Who or What Was That  Of course, you’re the only one reading me right now, so it’s the thought that counts!