I will not win mother of the year, again

I say this time and time again: “I am so not winning Mother of the Year this year”.  Usually, it’s pretty true.  If you were to compare me to other mothers out there, HA! You just have fun with that.  The reality is, I say that self-deprecating frequently just to remind myself that I’m okay.  That I haven’t totally screwed my kid up and that he won’t spend years in therapy to overcome his upbringing.  Well, according to my parents and siblings, my son is spoiled, so I’m sure a therapist couch is not in his future. 

Yeah, I’m already bored with that line of conversation.

My 14 year old son is currently sitting on the couch, last I checked in his underwear, eating candy corn and pretzel rods.  We had a busy weekend, and he just really couldn’t face going to school today.  His entire argument was “I really, really don’t feel like going to school today.”  I caved after about 20 minutes.  I get that he’s tired.  He just wanted one more day to the weekend.  Yes, he is in AP and Pre-AP (advance placement) classes.  Yes, he’s in theatre and in wrestling.  Yes, he spends up to 12 hours a day at school on any given day due to his extracurricular activities.   I pick him up and he eats, does homework and crashes in bed.  Sadly, his first year of high school has been hard on me, too.  I’m not use to the long hours! I want a day off, too!

So, I worked for about 4 hours this morning and then decided, hey, let’s start a blog.  Yeah, that just happened, I let my son randomly stay home from school and I started a blog.  Welcome to my world. 


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